Wuling Bingo EV launched in Indonesia: blind order exceeded 3,000 units in one month

Wuling launched Wuling Bingo EV On December 15th in Jakarta, Indonesia, Wuling became the first car company to start production of two new energy models, Wuling Air EV and Wuling Bingo EV, in Indonesia.

The CEO of Wuling Indonesia, Shi Guoyong, together with Li Shuying, the CEO of the overseas business and engineering center, and the management team of Wuling Indonesia officially released the price range for Wuling Bingo EV: 358 million to 408 million Indonesian rupiah, which is equivalent to approximately 23,100 to 26 300 USD. The same model is priced between 59,800 and 88,800 yuan ($8,400 to $12,500) in China. Price differences are attributed to factors such as shipping, taxes and distribution fees, which contribute to higher costs in Indonesia.

Wuling Bingo EV launched its blind order phase on November 16th and surpassed 3,000 units in just one month. This achievement not only surpassed Wuling Air EV’s previous record of 2,000 pre-sale orders for new energy vehicles in Indonesia, but also underscores the growing enthusiasm for electric mobility in the region.

A strategic memorandum of cooperation was signed on the listing site to accelerate the development of electric vehicles in Indonesia. Wuling Indonesia, represented by CEO Shi Guoyong, signed the agreement with Jakarta, Indonesia witnessed the launch ceremony of the Wuling Bingo EV on December 15. a significant milestone as Wuling becomes the first car company to start production of two new energy models in Indonesia, namely Wuling Air EV and Wuling Bingo EV.

Wuling electric cars for the Indonesian market

A strategic cooperation memorandum was signed at the listing site to accelerate the development of new energy-electric vehicles in Indonesia. On behalf of Wuling Indonesia, Shi Guoyong worked with the heads of PLN (Indonesian National Grid), Telkomsel (Indonesia’s largest state-owned telecommunications operator) and Mandiri (Indonesia’s largest state-owned bank). The memorandum aims to deepen cooperation in the construction of charging infrastructure, the Internet of Vehicles, financial loans and other aspects, and thus contribute to the overall improvement of the electric vehicle ecosystem.

Indonesian leaders experience Wuling EV

Key figures including Murdoko, Indonesia’s Chief of Staff of the President’s Office and Chairman of the New Energy Electric Vehicle Association, graced the event. Sedo, Deputy Minister for Investment and Mining Coordination of the Indonesian Ministry of Maritime and Investment Coordination, and Kemuddin, Deputy Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Coordination. Representatives from various government ministries and associations, such as the Indonesian Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Indonesian Association of New of Energy Electric Vehicles and the Indonesian Automobile Industry Association.

In his speech, Murdoko expressed confidence in Wuling’s new energy products and technical capabilities, especially after his recent visit to Baojun Base, Wuling’s headquarters in China. He praised Wuling for its significant contribution to the promotion of new energy vehicles in Indonesia and hoped for continued cooperation. meet Indonesia’s 2025 carbon emissions targets.

Wuling Air EV

Wuling Indonesia has already carved out a niche as the country’s leading manufacturer of new energy vehicles, boasting more than half of the market share. The Indonesian government supports them, as evidenced by an agreement signed in June 2022 proposing the Wuling Air EV as the official vehicle of the G20 summit. During November’s G20 summit in Bali, 300 Air EVs served as official vehicles to showcase China’s smart manufacturing prowess on the international stage. In addition, Indonesia’s President Joko visited Wuling’s booth at the Indonesia International Auto Show in February 2023, Air EV test drives and recognition of Wuling’s commitment to green and ecological modes of transportation

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