Why not start a thermal car with an electric car battery in particular? – Electric bicycle

You probably asked yourself the question: can we use the battery of an electric car start the thermal vehicle with a dead battery ? The answer is not as simple as it might seem.

The little-known role of the 12 V battery in your electric car

Did you know that your electric car hides not one, but two batteries under the hood? Really, next door powerful high voltage battery which animates the heart of your vehicle, more modest 12V battery works like in a thermo car. His role? Power various accessories that make your drive more pleasant and safer, such as infotainment, high beams and ambient lighting. But if this battery is common for thermal vehicles, the similarity ends there. Where a thermal car would use an alternator, your electric car uses a DC-DC converter to charge its 12V battery from a high voltage battery.

Valuable advice: Don’t you dare restart the thermal vehicle with it. There are many reasons and the consequences can be costly.

Why is it not recommended to use your electric car to restart a thermal car?

It is tempting to believe that mechanical assistance is universal. However, the manual for the Renault ZoĆ©, for example, warns us: the the electrical energy supplied by the 12V battery of the electric car is not intended for such a service. If the temptation is great, the risk is equally great. Damage to your electric car’s 12V battery or even its valuable DC-DC converter is a reality you shouldn’t ignore.

The thermal car’s battery is designed to start the engine; this is not the case with an electric car. PUSH performance is nowhere near comparableknowing that an electric vehicle battery is only intended to power small, energy-efficient electronic devices. Attempts to start an internal combustion engine using an electric car battery are, on the one hand, doomed to failure probable destruction of the battery of the electric car.

Role reversal: starting an electric car with a thermal car, is it possible?

This question deserves attention. If the 12 V battery of the electric vehicle is not it should not normally lie flatexceptional situations may occur, e.g. in a simple case of wear and tear.

In this case, it is essential to consult your car’s manual to avoid unpleasant surprises. Some models allow this process, others strictly prohibit it.t.

Electric solidarity: a multifaceted reality

Energy generosity between vehicles may seem like an attractive idea, but it comes with precautions. Lack of performance and risk of damage are factors do not take lightly.

Mutual assistance between vehicles must be guided by knowledge and respect for each person’s capabilities. Your electric car is a technological gem that deserves attention and care. So before you help a vehicle in distress, make sure you don’t endangering your electric passenger.

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