What to know before buying electricity

The electric car is now part of our habits. And when I say “our” customs, I mean us Quebecers, who are more convinced of its benefits than anyone else. As proof, most motorists consider this when it comes time to replace their vehicle, although they don’t always go for it. Our government will certainly do everything in its power to sell us its good points, with the ultimate goal of energy control, but also because Quebec wants to lead by example when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions.

Naturally, with the cheapest hydro rates in North America, Quebec offers a significant financial advantage to Quebec motorists. Not to mention those generous credits provided for the purchase of an electric vehicle, which can reach $7,000 including tax. Amount to which an additional $5,000 from the federal government is added, for a total of $12,000 including tax (or $10,437 plus tax). That basically means that a $42,000 electric car like Chevrolet Bolt a net discount of 25% is provided, which is not trivial. Obviously, the more the selling price of the vehicle increases, the more the discount percentage decreases, which explains why the cheapest electric vehicles are by far the most sought after. Perhaps with an exception Mazda MX-30disadvantaged by too little autonomy (161 km) to attract a mass of people.

This means that motorists who are stuck in their old habits are often unaware of their real needs. Mind you, they don’t drive more than 75-80km per day, which means that a vehicle offering 150km of range (or 100km in cold weather) can very often be suitable. Now, with some other vehicles offering double the range for a comparable price, there’s no telling which alternative customers they’re overwhelmingly targeting.

The advantages of an electric car are numerous, starting with this quiet ride, which is much appreciated in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This advantage, underestimated, even goes so far as to reduce stress (*completely unscientific data, but noted by the author of these lines, who appreciates this peace after a long day of work!). Of course, the advantage is also the very low power consumption, which results in several hundred dollars extra in our pockets every month, especially if charging is done mainly at home. Another benefit? Acceleration power and torque immediacy that allow you to react quickly and without delay. And there is no need for the fastest Are you here. Simple Kia Niro will offer you this little oomph so rare that we can’t do without them. In other words, after experiencing this fiery acceleration, it’s hard to go back to a traditional gasoline compact.

Saying goodbye to the oil companies is also a nice thing. Not only because you save energy, but also because you no longer have to stop there. Designer Volkswagen he also created a nice ad that illustrates this well, a motorist stops at a gas station just for a treat. In fact, with a home charging station (almost essential when buying an EV), you become the master of your own refueling. And then there is no need to chase the price per liter of fuel that changes from morning to night, Hydro-Qu├ębec prices average around $0.10 per kWh (so $6.00 for a full charge of the Chevrolet Bolt/Hyundai Kona/Kia Soul).

The electric car also offers the benefit of only a symbolic reduction in value. Especially when it comes to the most affordable cars. Think Chevrolet Bolt, Hyundai Kona /Ioniq 5Kia Soul/Niro/EV6, Nissan LEAF Or Volkswagen ID.4. Subsidized vehicles for which there is much more demand than supply. Obviously, the more you go upmarket, the more the depreciation increases, until they are high, on the non-subsidized models. Let’s also add that electric cars are in no way the target of car theft networks, thanks to which you can sleep peacefully. And for good reason, stolen vehicles are mainly exported to Africa or the Middle East, where electric models are by no means popular.

Less good sides of electricity

Unfortunately, it is not because the EV is less sought after by thieves that insurance premiums are reduced. On the contrary, they are often higher than for a comparable petrol vehicle. The reason is significantly higher repair costs, unavailability of parts, lack of expertise to repair these vehicles and, above all, unavailability of a replacement vehicle. In short, if you were to have an accident with your Hyundai Ioniq 5 tomorrow morning, the insurer might write you a check, but they certainly wouldn’t find you another Ioniq 5. We also have to add to the equation the fact that a rental vehicle for a maximum of 30 days is often not electric, and at the moment we have to compensate the insured for the gasoline that he will consume throughout the claims process.

Electric cars also require maintenance. Certainly much less in the short term, but you should know that several models are equipped with several cooling systems that must work well, while others are equipped with electric motors that require sporadic oil changes. Also note that an electric vehicle due to its weight often involves premature wear on suspension and steering components, while tires also have a more limited lifespan. As for the brakes, they are clearly less stressed, but they require annual maintenance (inexpensive), otherwise corrosion could take hold.

And then there’s the price. A bill that remains quite a bit higher than the petrol model, partly because manufacturers are aware of the fact that the government is providing generous credits. Don’t forget the sometimes almost usurious financing rates that cause monthly payments to skyrocket.

In conclusion, we mention that a home charging station is more than necessary if you are purchasing an electric car. Because then you won’t be dependent on a network like Electric Circuit or Tesla Supercharger, but also because it will cost you much less for your charging. Therefore, the problem often arises for those who cannot get an installation, either because they park on the street or because they live in an apartment unit where installations are often problematic. At this point, you need to take the time to evaluate your needs and the surrounding terminals and be aware of the fact that traffic at each will skyrocket over time.

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