What is more devalued: an electric car or an internal combustion car? We will check with BMW

One of the problems that most worries those people who buy a new car Yippee devaluation they have. We’re talking about money lost once the vehicle leaves the dealership door.

In this sense, also those who are thinking about buying a electric car, you may have even more doubts. Among other things, because The fact that an electric car has a battery that can suffer possible degradation raises further doubts.

To try to shed more light on this matter, We did an analysis of how much they depreciated series BMW electric cars and what is the difference with the depreciation published in BOE (Official State Gazette) in Spain.

And starting with German companywhat we do is resort to BMW Premium Selection platform that just start selling Real Madrid players’ carsthey are all 100% electric models that were delivered a year ago.

So it can be found here the cars of Modric, Carvajal or even Benzema. Of course, in order to get one of these, you have to to have at least 80,000 euros, which is the price some of these cars start with.

Now in this information we will not be talking about what car each player chose, but rather how much it is worth after about a year of use. So we collected about 25 models that are for sale to analyze their price and check how much they have depreciated in this first year of use.

In this sense, we remember the Real Madrid team I could only choose 100% electric cars. And from the whole range, the offer was concentrated on two models, on i4 sedan and SUVs iX. So let’s start with the i4, a sedan that could be compared to Tesla Model 3, as the main rival. A car that according to The BMW had a starting price of around 95,400 euros.

And how much is the car worth now? How much has it been devalued? To answer these questions, we will take as a reference The average selling price of this bazaar model is approximately 80,000 euros.with an average of 14,600 kilometers as well.

So if we consider that the average selling price was 95,400 euros We have that in one year it depreciated around 15,300 euros, which on average represents a 16% depreciationas we see in the following table:

Model Kilometres Selling price Original price Discount % discount
BMW i4 M50 544 HP 12,760 €82,000 €95,608 €13,608 14%
BMW i4 M50 544 HP 9,248 €80,300 €95,608 €15,308 16%
BMW i4 M50 544 HP 2,056 €82,000 €95,608 €13,608 14%
BMW i4 M50 544 HP 15,198 €80,100 €95,608 €15,198 16%
BMW i4 M50 544 HP 9,045 €80,300 €95,608 €15,308 16%
BMW i4 M50 544 HP 8,212 €80,300 €95,608 €15,308 16%
BMW i4 M50 544 HP 13,135 €78,700 €93,727 €15,027 16%
BMW i4 M50 544 HP 15,028 €80,600 €96,050 €15,028 16%
BMW i4 M50 544 HP 13,900 €80,600 €96,050 €15,450 16%
BMW i4 M50 544 HP 19,400 €81,900 €96,050 €14,150 fifteen%
BMW i4 M50 544 HP 43,460 €73,800 €93,887 €20,087 Twenty-one%
Half 14,676 €80,055 €95,401 €15,280 16%

Another of the models that BMW gave to Real Madrid players was the BMW iX, also an electric car, although due to its SUV status and larger size, it also has a higher price tag.

And in this sense we see that the mileage with which it is sold It is similar (13,200 kilometers), although the selling price is somewhat higher: 98,215 euros. And what’s higher was also the original price, which averaged 127,735 euros.

And how much has this model written off? Well, according to this table, depreciation It was around €29,500, a 24% reduction, a percentage higher than the i4. A bigger discount which may be due to the i4 being more desirable than the iX.

Model Kilometres Selling price Original price Discount % discount
BMW iX xDrive50 523 HP 14,397 €104,700 €131,750 €27,500 Twenty-one%
BMW iX xDrive50 523 HP 17,388 €106,000 €131,750 €25,750 twenty%
BMW iX xDrive50 326 HP 11,393 €78,700 €110,667 €31,967 29%
BMW iX xDrive50 523 HP 8,242 €104,500 €131,750 €27,250 Twenty-one%
BMW iX xDrive50 523 HP 9,284 €105,900 €131,750 €25,850 twenty%
BMW iX xDrive50 523 HP 12,310 €101,900 €131,750 €29,850 23%
BMW iX xDrive50 523 HP 29,234 €98,000 €131,750 €33,750 26%
BMW iX xDrive50 523 HP 10,834 €105,900 €135,100 €29,200 22%
BMW iX xDrive50 523 HP 13,664 €102,000 €131,750 €29,750 23%
BMW iX xDrive50 523 HP 12,585 €102,700 €131,750 €29,050 22%
BMW iX xDrive50 523 HP 15,443 €104,800 €133,579 €28,779 22%
BMW iX xDrive50 326 HP 4,677 €82,900 €116,537 €33,637 29%
BMW iX xDrive50 326 HP 11,612 €78,800 €110,667 €31,867 29%
Model 13,158 €98,215 €127,735 €29,554 24%

Is an electric car depreciated more than an internal combustion car?

This question is difficult to answer. What is true is the figures we have, and we mean discounts of 16% for the BMW i4 and 24% for the iX. So now, to know how much internal combustion cars are devalued for the most part, we turn to the BOE. And more specifically, to be published on 20/12/2022, which includes percentages determined on the basis of years of use when applying prices determined by the Ministry of Finance.

This means that the Treasury collects the official car prices for the year and from there determines what percentage discount they can have depending on what year they are sold as used. And here, in this table that we reproduce below, we see that cars up to one year old, where Real Madrid’s BMW would fall, would retain their value at 84%.

Therefore, we would have an answer here. Devaluation that a year old car has would be 16%, a percentage exactly the same as the depreciation obtained with the i4. So what is surprising is the depreciation that the iX has, which increases to 24%.

Below we look at a table from the Official State Gazette, which thus confirms that at least some electrical ones are depreciated the same as combustion ones.

Year of use Percent
In a year 100%
Between 1 year and 2 years 84%
Between 2 years and 3 years 67%
Between 3 years and 4 years 56%
Between 4 years and 5 years 47%
Between 5 and 6 years 39%
Between 6 years and 7 years 3.4%
Between 7 and 8 years 28%
Between 8 and 9 years 24%
Between 9 and 10 years 19%
Between 10 and 11 years old 17%
Between 11 and 12 years 13 %
More than 12 years 10%

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