Weproc: an innovative solution for purchasing management

A growing French startup, Weproc facilitates procurement management within SMEs and ETI by optimizing the tracking of supplier payments, budgets, contracts and workflows. Many companies already trust Weproc to control their spending and improve their financial performance. In its communication, the young team highlights specialized and efficient software with:

  • Cost reduction
  • Time savings
  • User satisfaction
  • Integration with company systems

Centralized management of purchase events

With Weproc, you can track all your purchasing activities in real time, including purchase requests, consultations and orders placed with your suppliers. So you no longer waste time looking for important information about the company, everything is visible and available from a single interface.

You also have a better overview of the progress of your purchasing processes and control over commitments made using dedicated modules. Quickly and easily verify the different stages of your purchases and closely monitor the progress of the purchase process in real time. Important data is centralized in the software and is easily accessible to facilitate your daily work.

Real-time spending control

Since all financial information goes through Weproc, you will no longer have unpleasant surprises: your budgets will be respected, your invoices verified, complied with and automatically agreed with complete transparency. In program:

  • Validation of invoices and payments
  • Monitoring the development of the budget in real time
  • Visibility and control of obligations to suppliers

Optimization of relationships with suppliers

Improve relations with your business partners and send cooperation with Weproc. French software provides an innovative solution for simplification supplier managementespecially:

  • Supplier of Compliance Management
  • Tracking and history of exchanges with each partner
  • Providing a portal dedicated to suppliers to streamline communication

Strong arguments in a competitive market

Where most software publishers focus on very large clients for their market, Weproc made the first choice to focus on smaller companies. This location is reflected in many advantages:

Intuitive and friendly user interface

Today, it is no longer enough to have powerful software; it still needs to be easy to use. The young startup has perfectly understood this problem and offers an easy-to-use and customizable interface that is accessible from anywhere and to all affected employees.

Seamless integration with your professional tools

Weproc easily interfaces with any software on the market to simplify the exchange between your various professional applications. Whether it’s your ERP or your accounting software, this purchasing software ensures optimal communication thanks to efficient APIs and automatic data transfer between modules.

Purchase management software tailored to your business

Weproc is designed to adapt to the specific needs of each company and offers a complete approach to procurement management. Thanks to the fast and intuitive operation, you will quickly master its features:

  • Integrate your supplier prices into the software and automatically update catalogs
  • Dematerialization and rigorous monitoring of all your supplier contracts
  • Advanced real-time management of budgets and supplier spend

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