Using an electric car will be 50% more expensive from January 1: why?

Popularity electric cars It is increasing, which no one dares to discuss anymore, although many potential drivers are still reluctant to follow this technology. These vehicles offer a number of benefits that go beyond their utility reduction of emissions: First, they are generally easier and less expensive to maintain because they lack many of the moving parts present in internal combustion engines.

Plus the growing charging infrastructure (although there is still a lot of room for improvement in this area) and continuous improvement in autonomy (it is already possible to find electric cars with a range of more than 500 km in various market segments) batteries also remove barriers that worry users. We cannot forget the energy efficiency of electric cars, which is significantly higher than that of cars with a heat engine, which over time translates into lower costs of use.because electricity is usually cheaper than traditional fuels.

However, that last point seems to falter slightly after what we’ve known for just a few weeks Electricity will cost us more money from 1 January 2024 after some aid and emergency measures that have been in place for several months are dropped. Factors that users of this type of vehicle will not like are moreā€¦

Why electricity will become more expensive in just over two weeks

There are several measures set out in Royal Law (RDL) 18/2022 and Royal Decree (RD) 20/2022 that are in force until December 31, 2023, with no extension at this time. These measures include temporary suspension of electricity production tax during 2023, reduction of electricity tax to 0.5%, a temporary increase in the percentage of the social bonus discount and a ban on interruption of gas, electricity and water supplies for recipients of the social bonus for electricity.

Except, regulated PVPC rate, one of the most used by Spanish consumers, will change from 1 January 2024 to gradually incorporate updates with a longer interval instead of the daily updates that are currently carried out. The purpose of this initiative is to reduce the volatility of the regulated PVPC rate, but this adjustment does not necessarily mean a reduction in the cost of electricity for consumers.

All these measures have enabled consumers pay significantly less on your electricity bills in recent months but According to the Consumers and Users Organisation, users’ accounts will increase significantly from January 2024 if they are not renewed.. According to some calculations, The cost of using an electric car that charges at home could increase by around 50%a figure that could be a problem for both current users and potential buyers.

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