Universal health insurance debts are wiped out: What affects whom in the summary law?

A summary bill was submitted to Parliament. The bill contains many important provisions, such as amnesty for universal health insurance debts, a tax on social media influence and support for marital loans. So who does the omnibus bill affect? Here are the details…

Amnesty comes for Universal Health Insurance debts

One of the most prominent articles of the omnibus bill provides amnesty for universal health insurance debts. In accordance with this, the debts of citizens who are not insured and who, without their knowledge, are charged monthly premiums for general health insurance in the amount of 402 TL will be erased. The state completely waives interest, late payment interest and late payment penalties on these debts. This regulation will apply from 1 January 2024.

This regulation will benefit millions of citizens who previously had a green card and were not employed. These citizens will be able to use health services for free. This regulation is considered the most radical amnesty ever.

Social media phenomena are taking a toll

The consolidated bill also includes regulations regarding social media influencers. So people who earn income from advertising on social media platforms will have to declare their income. These people will pay income tax, value added tax and withholding tax. The aim of this regulation is to prevent social media influencers from evading taxes.

Social media influencers are wondering how this regulation will affect them. Some social media influencers believe that this regulation will put them in a difficult situation, reduce their income and limit their creativity. Some social media influencers argue that the regulation is fair, that paying taxes is a civic duty, and that paying taxes will give them more confidence.

Support for matrimonial loans is coming

The summary bill also includes regulations to support matrimonial loans. Accordingly, interest-free loans of up to 10 thousand TL will be provided to married couples. This loan can be used to meet the needs of married couples such as household items, white goods and furniture. The couple will have to repay this loan within the first 3 years.

The purpose of this regulation is to support young people who want to get married but have financial difficulties. This regulation is considered an important step to increase marriage rates, improve the population structure and give hope to young people.

Who does the omnibus bill apply to?

Other regulations included in the summary bill are as follows:

New regulations will be introduced for many segments such as those waiting for the retirement phase, victims of traineeships and apprenticeships, housewives and those waiting for 3,600 other indicators.
It will prevent the loss of rights for some public employees who have problems with military service.
Persons with tax debts will be given the opportunity to restructure.
Support for reduced working hours and unemployment support will be extended.
Self-employed people and craftsmen will receive support for rent.
A new employee package will be prepared.

The summary bill continues to be debated in parliament. It is said that the regulations in the bill will affect many citizens and make their lives easier.

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