Try the Volvo EX30 Single Motor, an electric SUV that overcomes all barriers

For a long time she was one of the debates that surrounded electric car It was at a time when its price was about to be reduced to make it accessible to the general public. In fact, this process is still completely open, although some manufacturers are starting to take firm steps to achieve it. But none as premium as Volvo, which is now launching it Volvo EX30 with one engine which we have already tested and costs 36,700 euros.

The price to which you add the current support can stay under 30,000 euros and this completely breaks down the barrier and cliché that an electric car is too expensive for the general public. The question is, how did the Swedish manufacturer manage to launch such a model? Which also fulfills another of the premises for success: dressing for the body SUV.

First test behind the wheel of the EX30

The answer will come from this first test on the roads of Barcelona, ​​on a route that mixes secondary roads and the city. An ideal tour to explore your options electric motor 272 HP, which promises a range of 344 kilometers and has a 49 kWh lithium-ion battery.

The first big news about this car comes at its unveiling. There is no physical key, has a card that is placed in pillar B and opens the door. It is located on the center console, the brake is pressed, the small gear lever is located in D and forward. The EX30 starts with absolute silence and I start the test with the steering wheel flattened at the top and bottom.

Video: EX30 in motion

I find the throttle feel too direct and sharp when maneuvering out of a parking lot, so it’s better to accentuate it in those circumstances. single pedal function. I activate it again via the huge central screen when starting the route, as it is noticeable in the improvement of autonomy thanks to the charging in the braking phases.

At the performance level excellent for a EX30 which moves with joy, accelerates strongly and allows overtaking to be completed without flinching. There are almost 300 horses and you can always tell, to that extent driving at a speed of 100-120 km/h is a piece of cake for him. The good thing is that at this speed it maintains its autonomy and even carefully passing this line there is no dramatic drop in battery charge.

It’s time to try it on the corner

On a road full of twists and turns like the ones that run along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, the Swede clearly stands out comfortable during its behavior and during strong changes in support, the body oscillates a little more than, for example, ua Volvo XC40 combustion. The toll of the extra weight that batteries mean. And when it comes to braking, with the single pedal function activated, you hardly need to touch the brake pedal during normal driving.

Only with length 4.2 meters, This new Swedish SUV becomes a very manoeuvrable car for the city, moreover, supported by direct steering and with enough assistance to always feel that you are in control of what is happening under the wheels under your hands, which is not always the case in cars.

You feel less weight when cornering than other electric cars.

We spoke to its designers to find out how this model was deified, and they told us that they were clear about the priority: achieve the greatest use of space inside. That’s why it’s so minimalist and has no buttons, roof handles or even a glove box in the front. It has two chests in the middle to help store items.

Some of the buttons I can do without would be necessary for me because of their greater use, such as hazard lights or radio volume. However, this EX30 chooses a very technological presentation of the interior, where it is enormous 12-inch central screen Touch includes all the features and does so thanks to Google services. In addition, it stands out from the competition thanks to the soundbar that stretches across the entire dashboard.

Well used interior

The goal of interior space is achieved primarily in the truly spacious front seats ava Trunk with a volume of 318 liters That’s plus an extra seven liters if we add the capacity of the small opening in the front hood. In the back seats, two adults travel without problems with headroom and a little more legroom if the driver and passenger exceed the height of 1.8.

This lack of buttons and handles responds to the search for savings in elements that Volvo does not consider necessary and may affect the price. It also focuses on sustainable materials on the dashboard and door covers, as sustainability is another of the EX30’s premises, as evidenced by the fact that 95 percent car can be recycled.

When it comes to safety, the Swedish brand always emphasizes and this new Volvo has a full battery AND GIVE which carries the rest of the line, incl City security and a new system that warns the driver when opening the door if a pedestrian or cyclist is approaching from the side to prevent a collision.

He moves very nimbly in the city

Along with this 272 HP Single Engine, the EX30 range is complemented by another 272 HP version with an extended range of 476 kilometers and the most powerful Twin Motor with two engines that produce 428 HP and power the EX30. acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.6 secondsthe lowest record in the history of the Swedish brand.

How he recognized us Bjorn Annwallvice president of the company Volvo, the EX30 is the entry-level car for Europe and is part of the strategy to sell only electric cars in 2030. At the moment, it already has more than 1,000 orders in Spain, the first units will arrive in dealerships in January, and the goal is to sell 2,000 units in the whole year. The arrival of the variant will help Cross Country in 2024.

The electric car is approaching the general public with this car, affordable and without losing the premium category

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