Top 12 Christmas gift ideas for electric car fans

Are you running out of ideas for gifts to ask or give Santa? The editors of Automobile Propre are here to help you and offer you their favorites to slip under the tree. Here’s our selection of gifts for electrified car enthusiasts young and old!

The file was created by Santa Claus, he helped Soufyan Benhammoud, Valentin Cimino, Pierre Desjardins, Florent Ferrière, Philippe Schwoerer, Emmanuel Touzot.

Tesla Cyber ​​Quad

If you want to get the little ones into a big Tesla bath, the Cyberquad is ideal. A scaled-down copy of the real electric four-wheeler introduced at the same time as the Cybertruck, this machine is aimed at 8- to 12-year-olds. With its 350W motor, it can reach a maximum speed of 13 km/h (6 km/h mode 1). The lithium battery with a capacity of 188 Wh can provide a range of 19 km. On the other hand, Tesla doesn’t stick to the price in its lifestyle store either: expect €1,990 for this quad, when the market average is around €700. The price of passion?

Price: CZK 1,990

Olivia’s Electric Lego Car

The box labeled 41443 in the Friends in Lego collection contains 183 pieces to assemble, divided into two bags. The first one lets you build a cute little convertible car. It’s electric on paper. There we also find his driver OIivii. His girlfriend and small dog are part of the second set dedicated mainly to the autonomous charging station. Futuristic, the latter is installed at the foot of the wind turbine, which also supports the photovoltaic panel. A good way for young people aged 6 and over to combine electromobility with renewable energies. Beautifully colored, all representative enough to decorate the office of an electric car enthusiast who has managed to keep a piece of the child in his soul. Olivia’s car can be found in supermarkets, toy stores and online.

Price: around €15

Tesla 1/32 and 1/24 in Miniature Land

At Miniature Land, Marion looks after build-it-yourself tiny houses, while Matthieu specializes in model aeroplanes, trucks, motorbikes and cars. Among the latter are four Tesla models, reproduced mostly in 1/32 scale. The Model X is available in blue, red, black and white and is currently the cheapest, selling for €44.90 instead of €60.00. The tailgate and all four doors are functional. Everything opens up on the Model 3, which is a little less successful, especially when it comes to optical drives. In red and blue it is 49.90 euros instead of 62 euros at the time of writing, but 59.90 euros for white. Four colors are available for 49.90 euros, with the Tesla Model S having a finish closer to the Model X. Same price for the Cybertruck in black, gray and silver, but reproduced in a larger scale (1/24). The site also offers individual display cases to protect these miniature Teslas from dust, which will please both young and old fans of the brand.

Price: from €44.90 to €60.00 depending on the model

The book “Technology of electric cars”

In 424 pages, a collective of researchers, teachers and engineers offers the public interested in technology in electric vehicles to know everything about motors, power electronics, batteries and fuel cells, chargers, etc. This work from Dunod’s Technical and Engineering collection is on a relatively at a high level while remaining accessible, focusing in particular on supporting automotive professionals who are preparing to work on EVs. It should also interest electric motorists who want to deepen their knowledge in the field. It also deals with economic and environmental issues as well as the impact of the development of this new mobility on the national electricity grid. Book or ebook: in both cases, the publisher invites you to continue reading with two complementary volumes available online. They are dedicated to contactless charging and dimensioning methodology in the context of projects with the operation of electric cars on batteries and/or hydrogen fuel cells.

Price: EUR 77 for the book or EUR 60 for the electronic version

Porsche Taycan magnets

In the bountiful Porsche store, I found something to add a touch of sportiness to your fridge: these two Taycan Turbo monogram magnets. Made of die-cast zinc, they will be perfect for storing your child’s latest artwork or a calendar for giving out yellow bins. And it will be more chic than the cordon bleu department (those damn departments that you can’t have all of them anyway).

Price: €39 for both

“Infinite World, Energy Miracle and Climate Shift” Comic

It is a comic conceived by Christophe Blain (Scenario, Art) and Jean-Marc Jancovici (Scenario), published by Dargaud. A work in which Jancovici supports his vision of the future of the world by placing the issue of energy and climate change at the center of his thinking. It is well written, accurate and to the point. A nice gift under the tree.

Price new: €30

Peugeot 9X8 in Lego

This Lego makes a great gift for car enthusiasts. Plus a hybrid model, we couldn’t have dreamed of anything better. The details are really impressive. LEGO 42156 Technic Peugeot 9X8 24H Le Mans Hybrid Hypercar, scale 1:10.

Price: €199.99

1/18 scale Ford Mustang Mach-E by Ottomobile

The rise of the electric car is not only taking place in the automotive market, but also among miniature replicas. The Ottomobile brand launched the Ford Mustang Mach-E in 1/18 scale this year. The American electric SUV is offered in GT Performance version with Grabber Blue color, originally reserved for this GT version. The model has 20-inch rims and a black roof, simulating a panoramic roof.

Price: €69.90

Renault R5 electric car circuit

Electric concepts from Renault have the right to their replicas… electric on the circuit! Renault The Originals store offers a small electric circuit of 3m 80 on which two of the latest Renault R5 electric concepts can be driven. Renault 5 E-Tech Prototype and Renault 5 Turbo 3E are indeed present in 1/43 scale. The cars have headlights that light up and the controllers offer a Turbo option.

Price: €115 per set

Children’s electric car Audi RS e-tron GT

A passion for electric cars can start in childhood, and the manufacturer of children’s electric cars HOMCOM believes that. It offers a small replica of the Audi RS e-tron GT with a small electric motor for children. The vehicle has a parental remote control to maintain control and offers a maximum speed of 5 km/h. It is available in red, white and blue and has several sound and light effects.

Price: €195.90

Stay in an electric van

With direct TGV access from Paris, Bordeaux or Toulouse, the city of Dax in the Landes hosts Family van. This young company specializes in the rental of electric vans for stays, according to your choice: free, with a guide, on a bespoke basis or in groups. A few examples of completed circuits that give an idea of ​​the richness of the offer: discovering northern Spain, enology and terroir in New Aquitaine, the cheese route… After a very encouraging first season, the fleet will move to 2024 from 7 to 21 tastefully decorated vehicles, a mix of Citroën ë- Jumpy and Fiat e-Scudo. Each can accommodate two adults and one child up to 12 years old. What’s interesting about this type of gift is that it can fit almost any budget and be very personalized with a gift card. It is therefore particularly well suited to a group prize fund and a more symbolic Christmas than usual.

Price: gift voucher from €10, €270 for example for a rental from 4 to 6 May 2024

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Traxxas XO-1 Radio Controlled Car

If you’re under 50, there’s a good chance your first electric car was the radio-controlled model of your childhood before you upgraded to a full-fledged one. However, be aware that some of these toys are not. aimed at sweeties, but rather at those who hesitate between pepper and salt with all the steps between the two delicacies. The production of the brand Traxxas is one of them, and indeed some of the machines it offers are not suitable for everyone. XO-1 is one of them. Judge for yourself: acceleration from 0 to 96 km/h in 2.3 s, from 0 to 160 km/h in 4.96 s, which is enough to fight with a Tesla Model S cube! Price is obviously related

Price: €1082

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