Tires for electric cars Why are they not the same?

Tires installed on electric vehicles (EVs) weigh more than conventional combustion cars, so they must be made with specific materials and properties that improve both grip and efficiency.

Although electric cars still represent a minority in our countrymore than 400,000 drivers already use this type of mobility to make your journeys more sustainable. However, Spain is still very far from the 5.5 million electric cars in circulation planned by the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC) by 2030.

But no, we’re not here today to talk like v previous articles of little effectiveness of MOVES III or the undoubted need to continue to support the renewal of our aging fleet, but we will focus on something completely different.

On this occasion, we will talk about one of the components that are part of all vehicles and that most drivers think that it is no different with conventional carsbut thanks to its special properties it plays a vital role in the performance and efficiency of electric cars: tires.

Did you think that electric cars have the same wheels as combustion cars? If your answer is yes, then let us tell you that you could be wrong, because regardless of what many users believe, and according to the information that appears in number 267 of the DGT digital magazine, Electric vehicles must install specific tires capable of supporting the additional weight which have electric versions compared to diesel or petrol models.

Did you know An internal combustion engine weighs up to 30% less What kind of electric? This additional load directly affects the tires, the only point of contact between the vehicle and the road, so wheels for electric cars must provide optimal grip and resist wear in the same way as conventional wheels.

To better understand what we are talking about and know it the importance that certain maintenance operations have with regard to the life of the tires of the electric vehiclewe will tell you all about these specific components for VE. Will you join us?

Why are they not the same as those fitted to internal combustion vehicles?

As we mentioned in the introduction, electric cars have unique characteristics that cause a direct impact on certain components such as tires. One of the main factors that sets them apart from combustion models is that Their batteries are quite heavy, which means additional loadgreater inertia (due to increased moving mass) and longer braking distances.

It is essential to ensure the safety of passengers and other road users pay special attention to tire gripwhich plays a vital role in acceleration situations because in this type of car it is engine torque Transfers to the wheels almost immediately.

Thus, tires for electric vehicles are designed using more advanced technologies, the main goals of which are reduce the weight of the components, offer greater rigidity (by incorporating a double-sided skin) and ensure that the structure is robustfor which a completely different rubber compound is used than that used in ordinary tires designed for diesel or petrol cars.

The drawings and water drainage patterns used in the manufacture of tires for this type of vehicle are also different, allowing for an optimal balance in their wear. contributes to increasing the autonomy of the electric car and increases it by more than 7%.

Effect of battery weight on tire wear

The most obvious feature that distinguishes electrified cars is their weight, with batteries having 30% more charge compared to combustion ones. This increase requires not only more robust tires, but also presents specific challenges, from grip required for safety to noise controlwhere silence becomes a characteristic of this type of vehicle.

The evolution of these tires includes not only strengthening their structure, but also requires specially designed rubber compounds support additional weight and contribute to vehicle efficiency.

Let’s put ourselves in a position to understand it all better. With regard to Electric car batteries weigh around 400 kg.four wheels and Porsche The Taycan Turbo S (with 761 HP, 1,050 Nm of torque and 0-100 km/h in less than 3 seconds) carries more than 2,300 kg of weight, so its tires must provide superior grip than conventional rubber. supported weight is around 2000 kg.

Main characteristics of tires for electric vehicles

If you intend to choose the right tires if you drive an electric car gain greater efficiency in terms of autonomy. With this we could say that most notable features of the special ones for electric vehicles are those listed below:

  1. They support more weight: Electric cars weigh approximately 30% more than vehicles with internal combustion engines.
  2. Greater grip: From efficient braking to instant acceleration, the tire demands on an electric vehicle are enormous It must have a unique structure and rubber compoundable to offer maximum robustness and efficiency.
  3. Advanced production technology: The development of tires for electric vehicles goes beyond conventional. When looking for savings in terms of overall vehicle weight, yes They implement various techniques to lighten and incorporate a two-layer shell to increase stiffness, thereby surpassing the single-layer configurations present in internal combustion cars.
  4. Better response to adverse weather conditions: The tread water evacuation patterns this type of tire must react especially to the conditions heavy rain or wet asphalt, guaranteeing optimal performance without compromising safety.
  5. Lower resistance: These tires are designed to reduce rolling resistance and meet not only numerous wear requirements, but also they significantly contribute to increasing the autonomy of electric vehiclesimproving profitability per use by up to 7%.

As you could see in the previous lines, tires for electric cars not only meet the technical requirements, but also become key drivers of sustainable and efficient mobility.

Low rolling resistance

Energy efficiency is becoming a priority for tires for electric cars. The fine balance between good grip and low rolling resistance leads to the need for special rubber compounds. These tires range from low resistance materials to reinforced construction designed to optimize performance and contribute to vehicle autonomy.

Special drawings for noise reduction

Electric vehicle driving peace of mind presents a unique dilemma for specific tire manufacturers, did you know? 70% of the sound emitted by an electric car comes from rolling and not the engine? In response, manufacturers are trying to develop non-conventional materials and constructions to minimize noise and ensure a pleasant and quiet experience on board.

Maintenance and specific care What should you consider?

Electric cars bring a revolutionary change in mobility and Specific care for your tires plays a vital role to ensure optimal performance and comprehensive safety on the road. Now, what aspects do you need to consider when it comes to its maintenance? Next, we will talk in depth about everything related to this matter.

How to extend its life?

If you already own or intend to own an electric car Buy oneit is important that you take into account guidelines you will need to follow to reduce wear and tear your tires and thus extend their life Did you know that by carrying out certain regular checks Can you last longer with bikes in good condition?

Next, and without further ado, let’s review the tips to help you out extend tire life your electric car. Don’t miss them!

  • Maintain proper inflation pressure: The extra weight of EV batteries requires constant attention tire pressure. Accurate inflation not only improves fuel economy, but also contributes to even wear and extends its life.
  • Perform rotations regularly: This is a basic procedure against uneven wear. Because this type of vehicle can have a different weight distribution due to the technology they contain. Regular rotation ensures even resistance and optimizes tire life.
  • Continuously monitor wear: It is important to pay attention to tire wear. EV (Electric Vehicle) technology incorporates specific tire properties and regular monitoring helps identify early signs of abnormal wear. Their timely replacement increases the safety of road traffic and optimizes the efficiency of the vehicle.
  • Schedule regular maintenance: Establishing regular maintenance is key. Scheduling regular check-ups at a specialist electric car service will ensure that any potential problems are detected and resolved in a timely manner and that your tires are always in optimal condition.

By following these recommendations, you will be able to extend the life of this type of tire increase the efficiency of your EV and will increase safety on our roads. Do you drive an internal combustion car? In this case, and to extend its life, we recommend that you proceed these tips Click the link above to find out!

Why is alignment and balance so important?

As with vehicles that are mechanically equipped with an internal combustion engine, the adjustment and balancing of the tires is This is necessary if you want to prevent irregular wear and ensure a smooth ride.

Regular alignment maintenance a tire balancing It will not only improve fuel consumption, but also contribute to improved safety and stability. any electric vehicle of any type.

If you own an electrified vehicle, did you know about the need to buy specific tires? Want us to talk about other EV components? Write us your concerns in the comment section. We look forward to you!

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