This is how card games were adapted to small screens

The main and practically the only entertainment for the population was for many decades card games. Apart from the activity that was practiced, it was more than just a hobby among the many existing and very popular ways. It was a form of socialization while developing the intellect and competitive spirit. Years have passed and the essence of these games has remained intact, even though it has changed the way they come our.

The technique brought us the techniques to adapt these leisure activities to the screens we spend many hours on throughout the day. At the beginning of the 21st century, there was a jump to computers and after consolidation was the next step cell phones. And that’s it pocket device, popular with the Argentine populationthey knew how to accommodate all smart devices, which many years ago required sharing space and time in the same place.

In this article, we will focus on how card games were able to achieve this in an optimal way. transition. There’s everything from game room classics such as poker or black jack; to more modern and less durable variants, such as ONE, Magic or Catan. These annotated examples serve to understand this development and respond positively to some of the criteria we will mention below. With a single click, from anywhere and with an internet connection, any option is possible.

Simple and representative graphics

If playing cards have any distinguishing aspect, regardless of their type, it’s that they don’t create too much complexity. symbols. They normally are graphically easy to represent, something that is not too much of an obstacle on the way to the screens; and any type of player, if they have basic knowledge, can assign it to a meaning. Product designers, on the other hand, don’t have as much trouble turn them into virtual onesunlike other practices.

There are even games that through platforms specialized in 52 card gaming tables allows you to consult poker values ​​at any time appointments for facilitate understanding user if lost. In this way, those who are not so used to its operation can feel fully accompanied and resolve doubts without having to search too much on the internet. They have an essential guide at their fingertips, whenever they need it and consider it as such.

Interactivity: a field for innovation

One of the most characteristic aspects of card activities on mobile phones, as well as on all other devices, is the fact that, in addition to good graphics interactive experience. One of the inherent elements of this practice in the past was the socialization it induced, and this has carried over into today’s facilities. possible connect with different colleagues table in a variety of ways via video, chat or audio. All of this, in real time and without delay.

This led to the achievement of this experience, although it was radically modified compared to a few decades ago to maintain this essence at a certain point that’s what made him so popular. Games can be just as exciting on a screen as they are in a physical arcade. What’s more, the currently proliferating form of consumption, which is more convenient, can arouse the interest of a larger number of people. And that’s it lighten and simplicity They are two very highly valued points on the network.

And finally, we cannot ignore that in the virtual world everything is constant Deposit and this possibility that we know today will be modified in the following years by the introduction new technologies and methods of experimentation. Some, like Magic are already testing augmented reality, widely used through smartphones to blend reality and fiction; However, we cannot rule out card games using virtual reality in a meta-version or transforming tables in three dimensions.

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