These electric models are no longer eligible for the subsidy!

New legislation introduced in France that takes into account the ecological footprint of electric cars and excludes many well-established electric cars from government subsidies at the production stage. Most of them are made in China.

Three of the most popular electric vehicles in France, “small” Dacia Spring, and Model Tesla 3 and MG4, they lose their “right”. will be awarded through a state subsidy of up to EUR 7,000 due to new requirements that favor cars made in France and Europe over those made in China.

All three of these models are manufactured in China and imported to France. According to the new requirements announced this year the amount of carbon dioxide emissions in the process of their production and transport will be taken into account so that electric cars sold in the country are eligible for the subsidy.

Vehicles made in China, where most energy comes from fossil fuels, so they are already from…. locker room at a significant disadvantage under the new program.

The European Commission and some car manufacturers have expressed concern for cheap cars from Chinaespecially EVs, which are taking market share away from European cars. The commission opened an investigation on Beijing’s support for domestic electric vehicle manufacturers, which could lead to new tariffs.

Put the brakes on China’s EV subsidies

The list of vehicles eligible for a subsidy stamp in France, published yesterday by the French government, includes among others 24 BEV by Stellantis and 5 Renault. The Model Y her tesla, which is made in Germany is eligible for the subsidy but not for Model 3 which “comes” to Europe. Equally Smart is number 1made in china is not listed, unlike For two, who was “born” in France.

Other models made in China that are not eligible for the subsidy based on the new criteria are BMW iX3 as Atto 3 and Dolphin from BYD. In contrast to, Kia Niro, made in korea and Hyundai Kona, in the Czech Republic they are on the relevant list.

Total approx 65% of electric cars sold in France remains on the list of subsidized vehicles.

“Hundreds of millions of euros of public money went into vehicles with a very low carbon footprint”French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said this on Thursday. And he added: “To be eligible for the bonus, an electric car must have a limited impact on the environment during production and transportation.”

If nothing else, the government of President Emmanuel Macron wanted to create them with this new arrangement French and European-made electric cars are more affordable for domestic consumers compared to cheaper vehicles made in China.

We remind you that the French government has already offered buyers a subsidy for the purchase of electric vehicles, which are different from 5,000 to 7,000 euros with total costs 1 billion euros per year.

However, in the absence of cheap European-made electric vehicles, one third of all incentives provided to consumers who make purchases electric vehicles made in China.

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