These are the reasons why you must take out health insurance before the end of the year

Three out of four Spaniards believe they have good or very good health, according to the latest figures provided by the Ministry of Health. That’s good news, but let’s be realistic and think about the popular saying, “we remember Santa Barbara when it thunders.” This is a serious mistake in health because being proactive and not taking care of it leads to more serious problems in the long run.

In this sense, society needs to be more aware of the need to improve our lifestyle habits and take care of ourselves to anticipate possible diseases through prevention and health monitoring. And to achieve this, more and more people are supplementing their public health insurance with private health insurance.

Because? Because extra health insurance allows you to take advantage of preventive medicine and, in case of medical assistance, decide which health center and professionals you prefer to take care of your needs. So one solution that more and more people are considering is to take out health insurance that best suits the needs of each individual. In some cases, flexible working hours will be preferred to ensure greater work-life balance; in others compensation for extraordinary events abroad.

These are the main benefits of health insurance

One of the main reasons to get insurance is to have quality medical care at your fingertips, which also includes a wide range of services. This means that when taking out health insurance, you can visit your general practitioner, but also specific fields and treatments in centers throughout the territory.

Another decisive factor when negotiating health insurance is time flexibility. Lack of time is a common problem these days, and being able to go to the doctor when it’s convenient is definitely an added value. Health insurance, such as that offered by Divina Seguros, facilitates compatibility between work and personal life. Being away from work for half an hour for a visit is not the same as being away most of the morning. Due to this immediacy, health insurance companies also avoid long waiting lists, and patients almost always get to see a doctor without much delay.

On the other hand, thanks to the insurance, if hospitalization is necessary, the patient will have a private room and bed for his companion. It is time to think about recovery and having this peace of mind helps in these difficult times. In addition, depending on the type of health insurance you have, there are other coverages as well. Most often, these are physiotherapy sessions, work with speech therapists or psychologists, and even with a dentist.

Health insurance also protects against unexpected expenses, such as a medical emergency on the very days you are enjoying your trip to Europe. If you need medical help abroad, the costs can reach very high financial values, so having health insurance at that time is a relief that does not bring down the sword.

It’s true: taking out health insurance can mean additional expenses in your monthly budget. However, all these benefits are much greater. And when you take out health insurance, you can choose between different methods and benefits depending on your budget, personal situation, family situation, etc. Self-employed people also have tax benefits.

Therefore, it is very important that you compare the various options on the market before taking out health insurance. It is the best way to ensure that the insurance is the one that best suits your personal situation. It is therefore advisable to analyze the financial offer and verify whether it corresponds to the planned budget. The savings associated with insurance compared to private medical treatment are very high.

e-health, the key

The digitization of healthcare is undeniable today. We live in a society where technology advances at a tremendous pace and is already seen in everyday life. Thanks to telemedicine, for example, it is not necessary to travel to the clinic to order or check clinical results. The immediacy of access to the service and the release of waiting lists for consultations and emergencies correspond to the requirements of the new company.

In this regard, the services available by online healthcare companies on online care platforms, i.e. in addition to online primary medicine consultations, are constantly increasing. Telemedicine has not yet arrived after its great deployment during the pandemic. For this reason, online visits to medical specialists such as dermatologists, cardiologists, pediatricians or gynecologists are also covered.

One of the most comprehensive proposals is the Divina Seguros complete health insurance, which, in addition to the telemedicine service, offers access to the best clinics, dental insurance, surgical procedures or reimbursement of extraordinary events abroad up to 15,000 euros. It also includes, among others, food intolerance tests, non-invasive prenatal genetic testing and physiotherapy, podiatry, speech therapy and psychological sessions. Now, thanks to the “More health for less” promotion, if you take out a Salud Completo contract before February 28, 2024, you will get three months of insurance for free.

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