The United States will find a lithium paradise for electric cars in the lake

The United States has found a huge amount of lithium in a California lake that could benefit electric cars. There is enough lithium to make batteries for millions of electric cars.

AND electric car It is much simpler than other internal combustion engine because it lacks an engine and the hundreds of parts that make it up. But the heart is the battery, and here’s the key: it requires rare and expensive materials. But that could end because The United States has found a lithium paradise in the lake.

Batteries are currently used in electric cars lithium ion, which are the ones that offer optimal performance to make zero-emission mobility viable. Although there are already alternatives, such as LFP batterycomposed of iron phosphate plates which largely replace lithium.

Most batteries use materials such as lithium, magnesium and nickel, materials that are rare and difficult to mine, which increases their price. This is why electric cars are more expensive than equivalent cars with petrol or diesel engines.

The United States will find a lithium paradise for electric cars in the lake

But everything can change after a discovery that took place in a lake in the United States, specifically in the state of California. It is about Salton Sea Lakewhich, thanks to its geothermal potential, has been used for years to generate electricity.

The news is that the existence of a significant amount lithium in brine accumulated at the bottom. Lithium reserves are estimated to allow production 3400 kilotons of lithiumequivalent production batteries for 375 million electric cars.

The problem is that extracting all that lithium from the underground brine is no easy task, and in fact, no company has yet been able to do it, according to the paper. Los Angeles Times. It is also an expensive process.

To this we have to add the problem that corrosion would cause in the machinery and the environmental impact it could cause. In any case, there are already manufacturers such as General Motors, ford and the Stellantis group which they signed an agreement use lithium extracted from the lake.

Ecological paradox

The great environmental paradox is that this California lake has been an environmental assault for years due to illegal farming and dumping fertilizers and pesticides which filter into the ground water and reach the lake, which together with constant drought and heat waves lowered the water level.

All this caused a ecological disaster, so that some areas are completely dry and arid, and the high salinity has caused the death of large numbers of fish. And yet the lake turned into a va green energy bulbwith the production of electricity, which we have already mentioned, and the mining of lithium for the production of batteries for electric cars.

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