The Tesla Model Y is on track to break this all-time record for electric cars

European car sales figures for the month of October confirm the exceptional performance of the Tesla Model Y in 2023, in a market where electric power is increasingly gaining ground. It could become the first electric car to top the sales charts with all engines combined. It would do better than the Peugeot e-208 and Dacia Sandero.

The continuation of the upward trend in car sales has just been confirmed by the data for the month of October, which the company recently published. Flock Dynamics.

We are talking here about the European market, where approximately 1,040,278 cars were sold in October 2023. Not only is this an increase of 14% compared to the same month the previous year (October 2022: 909,724), but it is also and notably the fifteenth consecutive month of growth in the European new car market.

So much so that since the beginning of the year, within 10 full months, Jato Dynamics has recorded no less than 10,677,402 registrations, an increase of 17% compared to the same period last year.

A general increase, which can be attributed mainly to the increase in sales of electric cars. And yes, it is Tesla that continues to elevate one of its models to the top of the best-selling cars, with all engines combined. And if this continues, for the first time in history it really is an electric car that could be the best seller in 2023!

Electricity reaches 15%

Of all cars sold in Europe in October 2023, 15% were electric cars. This 30% increase compared to the same period in 2022, or 157,957 electric cars sold, can be explained mainly by the fact that the offer for consumers is increasingly extensive and the range is expanding.

However, the price of zero-emission cars is still higher than the price of their thermal equivalents.

But only for purchase. Because with the use and thanks to the game for ecological bonuses an electric car is ultimately cheaper than a thermal car.

If we take the first 10 months of 2023, Jato Dynamics tells us 1.6 million electric vehicles registered in Europe. If we look at the countries in detail, we see that the Nordic countries remain at the top when it comes to electric cars. In Finland, 36% of the cars sold in October 2023 were electric.

Three brands are pulling the market up

In its October 2023 sales report, Jato Dynamics also tells us that three automakers have contributed significantly to the rise of electric cars in Europe.

Obviously we’re talking about Are you here with the sale of Model Y and Model 3 which have tripled since October 2022.

In house BMW Group BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicles) are also profitable with a 53% increase in EV sales to 18,297 registrations compared to October 2022, mainly due to good performance i4 AND iX1.

China’s SAIC Motors Group thanks to performance MG4, fared even better with a 66% increase. However, it remains at a much lower level with 8,841 registrations.

However, it is Volkswagen which ranked highest in Europe in terms of the number of electric vehicle registrations in October.

Model Y on its way to the 2023 crown

After the brands that sell the most electric cars, let’s go more specifically to the models. And unsurprisingly, it’s always Tesla that puts itself on top of the ladder Models.

Although October 2023 was not its best month of the year, the electric SUV sold 10,774 units in Europe. An increase of 297% compared to the same month in 2022, which can be explained mainly by the drop in prices since the beginning of the year, as well as the arrival of the drive model.

Tesla Model Y is the big favorite for 2023 when it comes to the number of cars sold… all engines combined! It would be the first electric car in Europe (and the world)! Pending confirmation in early 2024, Jato Dynamics tells us that 209,503 Model Ys were sold between the start of 2023 and the end of October.

It alone accounts for 13% of electric vehicle registrations in France, but also in Europe! In Denmark alone, they account for 29% of registrations. Imagine that one of the three electric cars is a Tesla Model Y!

For comparison, Volkswagen, of all models combined, has sold 165,594 electric cars since the beginning of the year. And Seat 206 100… all engines together! In second place we find Dacia Sandero with 13,000 registrations ahead of Tesla Model Y.

Top 10 electric cars sold in Europe in October 2023

Car Sales Grow
Tesla Model Y 10,774 +297%
Too bad Enyaq 6831 +83%
Tesla Model 3 6389 +108%
MG4 6326 + 377%
Dacia Spring 5985 +179%
Volkswagen ID.4 5556 – 10%
BMW i4 5269 +59%
Volvo XC40 5153 +30%
Fiat 500 5021 – 3%
Audi Q4 4939 +84%

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