The secret of disability pension with internship insurance revealed! You will be surprised at the conditions for retirement!

Apprenticeship insurance, together with the EYT Regulation, offers a great opportunity for those looking to achieve their retirement goals. This important change is important to meet the expectations of those who want to complete their insured working hours.

Complete your insured work period with internship insurance

disabilities retired Meeting the requirements of 10 years of insured employment and 1,800 days of coverage to become eligible can be a very difficult process. Internship insurance provides a great advantage to those who want to overcome these challenging conditions. Insurance premiums paid during the internship contribute significantly to the achievement of retirement goals.

Privileges for lawyers and intern mothers

Internship insurance offers additional benefits for attorneys and intern mothers. Lawyers can cancel their start of insurance by deducting their practice time. Mothers-interns can borrow money for their children after the internship. This strengthens families’ financial situation by increasing future financial security.

Health Report and Committee Review

A medical certificate is required for disability pension. This report should state that the loss of manpower is at least 60 percent. Those who have had an occupational accident or disease may be entitled to a disability pension after proving their situation. The board examination is carried out in hospitals authorized by the Ministry of Health and the degree of disability of the employee is determined. This process is important for fair assessment and ensures that those who deserve it are awarded disability pension rights.

Internship insurance and its importance in retirement

Internship insurance is an important tool in the disability pension process. This scheme supports those who wish to complete their insured working hours and supports them on a more secure path to the future by offering additional benefits, particularly to solicitors and paralegal mothers. The medical report and the board’s assessment form the basis of a fair assessment process and ensure that those who deserve it are awarded the right to a disability pension. That’s why term insurance plays an important role in retirement planning.

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