Scoop Dacia Spring 2024: first pictures and everything you need to know about the relaunched discounted electric

In a few months, the discount electric Dacia Spring will receive restyling. Enough to give it a good facelift. But as far as technical performance is concerned, we will unfortunately have to settle for the current state.

There is no debate for most. The best-selling electric car for individuals in France Dacia Spring proves it the consumer cares little about the origin of the car as long as he gets what he wants at a low price. But the change in CO2 bonus rules announced for 2024 could greatly hamper the success of this Romanian made-in-China manufacturer, especially since it will have a hard time facing the new Citroën ë-C3. By calendar coincidence, it was anyway planned that next year, at the time of the traditional spring cleaning, the city electric car Dacia Spring will be restyled.. But in fact, as the illustrations and photos accompanying this article show, the redesigned Dacia Spring already exists… in China.

Dacia Sprint (2024): something new, especially inside!

Dongfeng EV Nano Box, which serves as the basis for Dacia Spring.© Dongfeng

Released in 2021, the Dongfeng EV Nano Box is its local cousin and has been produced at the same factory since last year. Due to economies of scale, they share a lot of bodywork, especially with the same sides. To stand out, the newly styled Dacia Spring electric city car will adopt a specific face with a redesigned light signature and its own shield, but we should leave it there. Same story at the rear, where there will be joint molding of the rear door. In order to successfully establish itself as a new car, the future Dacia Spring will rely more on its dashboard taken from its Chinese matrix.

Technical side, status quo

It has nothing to do with the old fashioned current model. Digital meter, large screen and suspended center console MG4 it places spring in its era. But it’s likely that materials will remain basic to keep costs down, and according to our sources, the Dacia Spring will evolve little technically.. So this means that it will continue to be available in two versions (45 or 65 hp), with a single 26.8 kWh battery, all for modest performance and especially autonomy. But the latter are, as numerous customers prove, more than sufficient to cover everyday needs. It remains to be seen whether Dacia will take the opportunity to review the suspension setup and quality of its electric tires, which are proving problematic, and recommend them to you. See you in the spring of 2024 and you will find out.

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