Private health insurance: Necessary supplement to GESY

For many and varied reasons, proven private health insurance is now an essential addition to the Public Health System (GESY) of Cyprus. International private health insurance offers a range of benefits both to policyholders who live in Cyprus regardless of country of origin and to Cypriots (usually citizens of the European Union) who frequently travel or live abroad.

Every modern citizen who has a trusted private health insurance plan for themselves as well as their dependents, children or spouse offers peace and comfort in their daily life in the main area of ​​everyone’s life, health.

According to official data, the waiting time for an appointment with a specialist doctor in the public healthcare system ranges from 10 days to three months. In contrast, those insured with private health insurance can make an appointment with a doctor for the same day or the next day, but within a week at the most, depending on the urgency of their condition.

Private insurance holders have direct access to the services of state-of-the-art private medical facilities island-wide and worldwide. They can quickly schedule appointments and avoid waiting times, while also emphasizing immediate decent access to and immediate transport to modern and well-staffed emergency departments.

Private health insurance covers the full range of medical services, including primary care, hospitalization, diagnostic tests, surgeries and drugs.

Four years of data show that GESY offers access to approximately two thousand contracted doctors in Cyprus with an overburdened clientele, hospitalization and surgery in a public or contracted private hospital (which may also provide services to patients outside GESY), diagnostic tests performed in public hospitals or contracted private laboratory and access to a limited list of drugs.

Going abroad for specialized services, examinations or treatments that are not provided in Cyprus either due to technology or experience is a luxury for citizens covered only by GESY, with exceptions that refer to political acquaintances and other known-unknowns channels for couple.

Even the Cypriot state health services organization OKYPY, which states on its website that it is the largest health care provider in Cyprus with nine hospitals and 37 health centers in all provinces, provides private health insurance to its employees. The same is true of the University of Cyprus, whose Faculty of Medicine is based in the Nicosia General Hospital.

‘The list of parastatals and other public and wider public sector organizations that provide private health insurance plans as fringe benefits to their employees is long and many private companies are following suit. ‘

This is the greatest evidence of benefits, as public organizations open their personal window for additional coverage of health services not covered by GESY, such as: Hospitalization in a private hospital, drugs not available through GESY, protection in case of emergency abroad, with coverage of hospitalization costs, transportation of the patient even in his own country and medicines.

According to data from the Association of Insurance Companies of Cyprus, the average cost of hospitalization in a private hospital abroad is between 1000 and 2000 euros per day. These costs can be covered by private health insurance, which will protect the insured against financial distress.

International private health insurance means that the insured does not have to worry about paying for medical expenses as they will be covered by their insurance company. ‘

The insurance company will take care of paying the expenses for hospitalization in a private hospital in his country or abroad and relieve the insured person of unnecessary worries.

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