One of the brands least committed to EVs to launch ‘7 or 8’ before 2030

If we look at the electrical offer, we will see that different brands and models are increasing. Models of all types, from small utility vehicles ideal for the city, to large SUVs capable of traveling long distances. The variety has grown quickly, but it can’t be said that Mazda has done much to increase the variety. The Japanese have only one electric in their lineup, and that is more than enough, according to them, for the time being. However, its CEO Masahiro Morohe just announced it They are working on a few more cars.

It might seem a little incongruous, but just because Mazda only offers an electric car right now doesn’t mean we’ll see more in the coming years. In his statements to Automotive newsMoro showed a somewhat pessimistic attitude about the electric phase. The CEO, who joined at the beginning of this year, believes that for his company, “the demand for electric models is too uncertain. Currently, it is still growing too slowly. “Customers are looking for alternatives that are not 100% electric.” No wonder he makes such statements see the result achieved in some markets.

Mazda has several electric alternatives on the table, including the MX-5.

An uncertain market and many launches before the end of the decade

It was announced a few weeks ago The MX-30 was withdrawn from the market due to low sales, although it is still holding its own in Europe, where Mazda needs to reduce its carbon footprint to meet regulations. Japanese people They know they have to expand the offerthey recognize it, but they’re not going to put all their eggs in one basket.

The electrification of the line will take place gradually. Moro himself acknowledged that at present Mazda is working on 7 or 8 100% electric models. It is scheduled to launch before the end of this decade, but no further details have been provided in this regard.

There has long been speculation about the possibility of seeing an electric Mazda MX-5. That would mean a before and after for the Japanese company. The Roadster is its flagship, the most iconic and special car in its lineup in recent decades. They are playing with the possibility from the headquarters. At the last Tokyo Mobility Show, presented a concept car which allowed us to dream about it. As expected, there was no official confirmation then or now. Mazda continues to play for confusion, even if it is the first time it realizes it will begin to really strive to extend its electric range.

Electrification was gradual in society. From MHEV and PHEV systems to R-EV units.

It’s still too volatile a market to jump in head first. The company hopes so In 2030, its electricity sales will range between 25″ and 40%. The entire new electric range will be structured around a single modular platform, which should see the light between 2025 and 2027. The dates are not defined at all. Moro himself acknowledged that economic uncertainty and market volatility can play a major role. Mazda to cooperate with Toyota, once again, share expenses and technologies with a focus primarily on the areas of software and infrastructure. “There are many things that a company cannot do alone.

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