All Future Electric Nissans: Leaf, Juke, Qashqai…

After a quiet period, Nissan will move forward in the electric market in 2024 with the all-new Leaf. Then they will replace all their thermal columns with an electric model.

Nissan was a pioneer in the market for modern electric cars intended for the general public with the launch of the Leaf model in 2010. It was for a long time the best-selling electric car in the world. However, the Japanese manufacturer was unable to use this lead.

By not developing enough and expanding its offering fast enough, this Leaf was quickly overtaken and left behind by Tesla, which shook up the electric market with the Model 3 and then the Model Y.

And this slow period drags on. The Ariya SUV has indeed been introduced, but it’s delayed until 2020! Nissan seems to be lagging in the electric market today and we will still need some patience to see a recovery.

It will start in late 2024 with a completely redesigned Leaf, which almost seems to be a symbol of the “wipe everything and start over” strategy. The manufacturer should then offer a new electric model annually to gradually replace its thermal range.

Here’s what’s ahead.

2024 – Nissan Leaf 3

The Leaf, the first mass-market electric family car, is now running out of steam. It must be said that the second generation is only a major restyling of the first and is now behind on a technical level. Everything will finally change in 2024. Even the form. Ditch the compact silhouette and the new Leaf becomes a coupe-influenced crossover.

This shape and main lines announced the Chill-Out concept. The car will use the new CMF-EV underpinnings already used by big brother Ariya. Will it be entitled to its large 87 kWh battery, which would give it a good range of more than 600 km? The heart of the range will be a 60 kWh battery with a range of around 450 km.

2025 – Nissan Micra 6

The Nissan city car left the catalog this year. We will have to wait until 2026 to find the entry-level offer of the Japanese brand, which will therefore be only electric. And thanks to Renault: the next Micra (name not yet confirmed), Nissan will use the basis of the new R5.

It even just adjusts its appearance and keeps the same structure. However, it will not be possible to confuse them, because these future sisters will have a completely opposite design: the R5 will be angular, the Micra will play the rounded side. THE concept 20-23 gave it a taste. If we leave aside the fancy elements, we see round headlights and lights.

The technology will be identical to the French one, with a CMF-BEV base and a maximum autonomy of around 400 km. The Micra will be produced in Douai.

2026 – Nissan Juke 3

Now it’s official: the next-generation Juke will be electric. Nissan confirmed this when it announced a major investment in its British plant in Sunderland. Nothing surprising. The current generation was launched in 2019, so the next one is expected in 2026, a date that brings the end of thermal technology closer.

Like other brands, Nissan could avoid a brutal transition by keeping the current Juke hybrid in the catalog. Nissan also confirmed that the novelty will be inspired by the Hyper Punk concept, revealed in October 2023 at the Tokyo Motor Show.

So the Juke should always focus on aesthetic originality, but this concept suggests a shift from round shapes to square ones.

2027 – Nissan Qashqai 4

Nissan also announced that the next generation of its star crossover will be fully electric. He will be inspired by another concept revealed in Tokyo, theHyper Urban. A name that would rather suggest a small model!

But the Qashqai, on the other hand, could grow, because Nissan will already have an electric compact crossover, a replacement for the Leaf. This allowed the vehicle to rise to approximately 4.50 or 4.60 meters… and approach Ariya. The future of the other now seems unclear.

This electric Qashqai is expected to start the development of Nissan’s CMF-EV platform, a project launched in collaboration with Renault to reduce production costs.

2028 – Nissan GT-R

At the Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan multiplied concepts to show how it could offer a full range of electric models. With Hyper Urban and Hyper Punk, but alsoHyper Force, supercar.

If the brand didn’t make the connection, there’s no doubt that this is a futuristic and electric vision of the GT-R, the current generation of which dates back to 2007. Nissan has announced 1000 kW of power and a solid battery for the concept, a technology that the manufacturer hopes to bring to market around 2028 .

The new electric GT-R seems ideal for introducing this type of battery into series production.

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