MG4: Electric with 435 hp and a range of up to 520 km!

His gear version MG4 there are now four on the Greek market: Excite, Exclusive, Luxury and X Power.

Her all-electric vehicle MG, MG4 has all-wheel drive rear axle and is combined with three versions of batteries, 51, 64 and 77 kWh net capacity. The electric motor in combination with a 51kwh battery produces 125 kW (170 hp) and reaches a range of 350 km. In the second case, the power is 150KW (204PS) and the range reaches 450km, while in the third case, the power is 180KW (245PS) and the range reaches 520km! At the top of the MG4 range we find the XPOWER version.

It is a four-wheel-drive model with supercar performance, with an output of 320 kW (435 hp) and a range of 385 km. The 51 kWh battery version has a 6.6 kW on-board charger, the others have an 11.0 kW charger. So the first version (51kwh) can receive fast charging at a rate of up to 88kw per hour and the remaining three at a rate of 140kw per hour.

It is one of the most efficient electric drive systems With a built-in heat pump to manage the battery’s thermal load, the MG4 can charge the battery from 10 to 80% in just 35 minutes per hour. As for driving characteristics, both the first two versions of the model accelerate from rest to 100 km/h in 7.7 seconds and their top speed is limited to 160 km/h.

In the Luxury version, acceleration from rest to 100 km/h takes 6.8 seconds, and its top speed is limited to 180 km/h. It is worth noting that XPOWER only takes 3.8 seconds for the first 100 kilometers and its maximum speed is 200 km/h!

Behind the impressive design of the front headlights, the technology is “hidden” in front of 28 LED units, while the car’s indicators are made up of 36 LEDs each. Correspondingly, the patterned back also makes a big impression. As in the front and back, the lighting fixtures have a dominant role in shaping the futuristic image of high aesthetics. An important element of the rear image is the rear spoiler near the roof, which refers to a purely sporty design. For this reason, at least 172 LEDs were used to create the light signature.

The MG4 cabin is spacious with quality materials and excellent assembly that gives the model a premium air. The “floating” center console is attractive and at the same time functional with studied ergonomics in its design. Behind the steering wheel, a digital screen plays the role of an instrument panel with basic information.

Centrally located on the dashboard is a high-resolution 10-inch touchscreen that allows access to all functions of the infotainment system. Overall, the configuration is such that both the driver and passengers have plenty of free space.

Depending on the equipment level, connections with USB ports and a wireless charging surface for smartphones are also offered. Among the advantages of the model is support from the panhellenic network of the Greek delegation (Syngelidis Group).

The MG4, like all other models in the MG range, is offered with a 7-year or 150,000 km warranty. With its base price (after the government subsidy of the “Moving Electric 2” program) of 24,448 euros, the MG4 is an affordable proposition for buying an electric car.

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