Manufacturing and trade, the sector with the highest number of occupational accidents

Men between the ages of 21 and 30 suffer the most occupational accidents. Find out how to access IESS Occupational Risk services.

IN manufacturing and trading industry the largest number occupational accidentsaccording to reports from Occupational Risk Insurance Ecuadorian Social Security Institute (IESS).

Between January and September 2023 Occupational risk accepted 14,929 notifications of occupational accidents occurred in that year, of which they were so classified 9,887 casesaccording to the statistics of this insurance published on the IESS website.

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According to the regulations on occupational risk insurance, a occupational accident It is any “unforeseen and sudden” event that occurs “in consequence of, in consequence of, or on the occasion of the work” a person is doing that causes injurydeterioration of the functions of an organ or member, inability Or death.

Of the 9,887 occupational accidents classified by the IESS this year 19% was accounted for by manufacturing activities and 15% in the commercial sector.

Where are they found?

An occupational accident can occur in the following places or circumstances:

  • In him Workplace usual.
  • On the way to work or on the way back from work, if the journey was not interrupted for personal, family or social reasons.
  • in transfer during the working day.
  • In another center or workplace, e.g. a secondary office of the company.
  • in service commissionoutside the usual workplace, at the employer’s order.

He 56% of cases qualified This year, they occurred in the usual workplace, with 28% occurring on the way to work or returning home.

With 902 qualifying accidents and movement during the day work is the third circumstance in which they occur most.

In July of this year a public sector worker in the province of Guayas suffered a attempted attack While on his way to work, he injured his hand as a result.

The first care the worker received was at the Ministry of Health Medical Center, where his wound was stitched up and he underwent surgery at the hospital a few days later. Teodoro Maldonado Carbo Special Hospital due to tendon rupture.

But after three weeks he suffered a wound infection and had to be hospitalized for eight days. For now, he has to undergo another operation because he needs a tendon graft.

The worker remained on work leave for more than two months for a reason medical clearance as a result of an accident at work during which he continued to receive remuneration as provided for in the Basic Law on Public Service (Losep).

Over the past few months, the member has attended several meetings in Workers compensation insurance, where they followed up on their case along with a record of medical care received at IESS. His case remains open.

The men they are the ones who suffer the most occupational accidents and in age categories, workers between 21 and 40 yearsaccording to the online statistical browser Occupational Risks, which offers reference data.

Accident warning

member of IESS, in a dependency relationship or notyou are entitled to the following benefits from workplace risk insurance:

  • Services prevention occupational risks.
  • Medical assistance due to a work accident or occupational disease through the IESS network of health insurance companies.
  • Economic benefitsdepending on the disability.

In the event of occupational accidents, the employer is obliged to present Occupational Risk Insurance online form of notification of an occupational accidentin within 10 days calculated from the date of the incident.

If the employer does not submit the form within the required 10 days, he can do so himself. employee, family members or third partiesand shall have “sufficient force for the purposes of the procedure to be followed,” under Regulations for occupational hazards.

The provincial unit workers compensation insurance must qualify if the injury occurred “as a result of work or on the occasion of work” further 10 working days.

Economic benefits

They can cause work accidents or occupational diseases temporary, permanent disability or death.

In case of temporary disability, which makes it impossible to go to work, the insured has the right to a monetary subsidy for a period determined by the attending physicianfor a maximum period of one year.

If the disability continues after one year, the member may receive a provisional pension for the next year, according to a medical opinion.

Financial benefits for temporary disability cannot be received if the worker he continues to receive his salaryeven if you are not participating in work.

In case of permanent partial disability, the insured has the right to a compensation. In the case of permanent, total or absolute disability, the member will be entitled to a monthly pension.

Finally, if a member dies, the IESS will award Montepio pensions to their widows and orphans regardless of the number of contributions before the accident.

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