Legitimate health insurance companies: Simple and uncomplicated – this is how changing health insurance companies works

Current situation

The average rate of additional contribution for persons with statutory health insurance for 2024 was increased by the Ministry of Health at the end of October 2023 from 1.6 to 1.7 percentage points. However, it is not binding for health insurance companies (see below). How high the health insurance company’s surcharge is depends on your own financial situation.

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All 71 health insurance companies have contribution rates in ours Health Insurance Comparison contain. Currently, we can make the following announcements for 2024:

  • More expensive: 1 health insurance company is planning a slight increase in the levy rate.
  • Cheaper: 3 health insurance companies plan to reduce premiums.
  • No change: 23 health insurance companies want to keep contribution rates unchanged.

Savings by switching

If you want to save, you can switch to a cheaper health insurance company. Depending on your income, savings vary. If someone earns around 3,000 euros a month, it will be around 162 euros a year if the insured switches from an expensive fund with an extra 1.8 percent contribution to a cheap fund with 0.90 percent. High earners with a salary of 5,175 euros (limit for levy 2024, income above the limit is exempt from levies) and more will save around 280 euros per year. Important: For self-employed people, the saving is doubled, because they pay the taxes themselves. Otherwise, the employee and the employer share half of the contributions.

Tip: You can find the new contribution rates in our Health Insurance Comparison. This is continuously updated. Don’t switch until you know how much you’ll pay next year in contributions to your new health insurance company.

General contribution and supplementary contribution

All health insurance companies charge a general contribution rate of 14.6 percent. There is also another contribution, which each health insurance company sets itself – according to its financial situation. If the health insurance company is in a good position, it will tend to keep its additional premiums low. If the health insurance company’s expenses exceed its financial needs, the individual supplement will rather increase. It will then be more expensive for the insured.

Special right to terminate in case of changes

If the health insurance company increases its surcharge, the insured have a special right to terminate. You can always switch to a cheaper fund.

Example: If the health insurance company requires a higher contribution from January 2024, members can cancel until the end of the month in which the new additional contribution is first due – in this example, the end of January. The deadline is two months before the end of the month. If the insured resign before the end of January, they will be members of the new health insurance company from April. Until then, he must pay a higher additional contribution from his previous fund.

Regular change of cash register

The special right of termination is interesting for anyone who has not been a member of his fund for 12 months. Because change is usually only possible after this time. However, if you have been a member of your health insurance company for a year or more, you can change your health insurance company at any time. The same applies here: the deadline is two months before the end of the month.
Tip: You can find out everything you need to know about changing your health insurance in the special Statutory health insurance.

Information on the above-standard services of individual health insurance companies can be found here Health Insurance Comparison. More than 200 criteria are evaluated. Depending on your individual needs, they can also represent a significant financial benefit and recommend switching to another health insurance company.

Average additional contribution

The additional contribution will increase from 1.6 percent to 1.7 percent in 2024. The value is reset every year. In addition, the expert committee estimates the amount of expected expenses of health insurance companies and income of the health fund for the following calendar year by October 15 of each year. On this basis, the Federal Ministry of Health determines the average rate of the additional contribution. It will be announced by November 1 and is valid for the entire following calendar year. It is only relevant as an additional allowance for certain groups of people – for example, unemployment benefit 2 recipients who are subject to insurance and trainees who do not earn more than 325 euros per month.

notice: Health insurers are not obliged to adjust their individual supplementary contribution if the average supplementary contribution rate increases. They only have to do this if something changes in their financial situation.

Financial situation of cash registers

The deficit of statutory health insurance companies was more than 600 million euros in the first half of 2023. This was partly because health insurance companies were required to transfer part of their reserves to the health fund. From this, health insurance companies obtain funds to finance services for their insured. Health insurers see spending risks for the coming year due to the economy and global political events, but also due to upcoming hospital reform. A group of appraisers expects a gap of around 3.2 billion euros. Plus: Unlike 2023, there is no special payment from the federal government to health insurance companies. And the budget for the federal Department of Health will also be significantly lower in 2024.

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