Land Cruiser and electric pickups: what is Toyota playing?

Toyota is going all out: the announcement of an electric pick-up and, above all, the presentation of a concept that heralds the future Land Cruiser without an internal combustion engine. Turning the page?

The Toyota Land Cruiser probably wins the prize for the most expensive used vehicle available with very high mileage. In fact, models with more than 400,000 or 500,000 km can still exceed €20,000 for the most desirable ranges. This is obviously explained by the off-road capabilities of the machine and its legendary reliability, which allowed it to overcome arid or snowy areas without giving up the ghost. But how much longer will the “LC” as we know it last in these times of electrification? In addition, including the United States, where an electric vehicle could find success in those off-road uses where the average speed is low. The slower an electric car goes, the less it consumes… But Toyota didn’t invest more about hydrogen ?

Toyota shows us the future

The future of the Toyota Hilux?

The Tokyo Motor Show is approaching and Toyota is revealing images of two concepts that could become production models by the end of the decade. The first is a mid-sized electric pick-up (Hilux equivalent) approximately 5 meters long in double cabins. On the other hand, Toyota mentions monocoque construction, while pickups are traditionally ladder frame construction. The brand also mentions a “low center of gravity for increased stability and better comfort.” Far from the usual communication standards of a sensor designed more for professional and practical use.

The Land Cruiser that isn’t

Luxury version of Land Cruiser, without internal combustion engine©Toyota

The second concept is this amazing Land Cruiser “Se” which is, after all, a Land Cruiser in name only. Neither the style nor the mechanics evoke the franchise that just was renewed twice (in Europe and the United States/Japan). This large SUV offers three rows of seats and seven seats, again with a monocoque construction. In appearance, it would therefore be more of a Range Rover competitor than a true electric Toyota Land Cruiser. In short, an even more opulent and electric Highlander.

The Land Cruiser is still selling very well so far in the regions where charging stations are not on every street corner. Sooner or later, however, Toyota will have to find a solution for its legendary 4×4 drive: switch to battery electric drive, or opt for a hydrogen drive. which remains poorly distributed outside Japan, its home market. And so far, we can clearly feel the Japanese parent company vacillating between the two drive modes.

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