Kia EV9, these are its charging times depending on the type of plug

We detail the Kia EV9 battery charging times depending on the type of plug used. The new Korean electric SUV is built on the E-GMP platform and has a 99.8 kWh battery that provides a WLTP range of 505 km.

Kia is one of the car brands that bets the most on electric car. Step by step, the Korean company is expanding its catalog of electrified models, and this year’s big news was Kia EV9, a stunning minivan that impresses from every angle. Further in detail their charging times depending on the type of plug.

He Kia EV9 It’s a car that makes an impression when you see it in person. It is huge, as its dimensions prove: 5.01 meters in length, 1.98 meters in width and 1.78 meters in height, with a wheelbase of 3.10 meters. But it looks even bigger when you have it in front of you and you can see that the nose reaches the height of the chest.

Its design is based on the philosophy of ‘Opposites united“It is very futuristic and characterized by very geometric volumes and very clean lines. At the same time, the interior is minimalist and shows a high level of technology as well as a very good quality of finishes.

As with any self-respecting electric car, there is no shortage of sustainable components in its production: the Kia EV9 includes Ecological materialssuch as recycled plastic from bottles and other consumer waste.

The residence is very spacious and you can choose from two configurations: six or seven places. The trunk has volume 828 liters with four or five seats, while with six or seven seats the capacity is reduced to 333 litres. There is a small 52 liter cargo area in the front for charging cables.

Kia EV9, these are its charging times depending on the type of plug

The Kia EV9 is built on The E-GMP platformthe same as Kia EV6 and Hyundai IONIQ 5. In Spain, it is offered with a single all-wheel drive version two electric motorsone on each axis they produce 385 HP which allow it to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.3 seconds.

The engine is powered by a Battery 99.8 kWh which provides you Autonomy WLTP 505 kilometers, with 800 volt network. The battery is not the same as the EV6. It is a completely new, fourth generation, and consists of 456 cells grouped into 38 modules, weighs 566.5 kg, which corresponds to a volume of 379 liters.

The battery can be used as a power source thanks to V2H system (Vehicle to Home) a V2G (Vehicle to network, from vehicle to network). This means you can carry things like laptops and camping gear with one maximum power 3.68 kW. And in the future, V2G charging will allow you to return electricity to the power grid.

By having an 800 volt network, SUV Kia electric has a charging capacity at very high outputs, up to 240 kW in this case. Depending on the brand, you may pass from 10 to 80% in 24 minuteswhich represents the average performance of the load in that power approx. 160 kW.

WITH 15 minutes of fast charging, up to 223 kilometers of autonomy can be restored. Instead, using a AC plug with a maximum power of 10.5 kWlate a little past nine o’clock to fully charge the battery.

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