Kanaris is committed to supporting the National Mental Health Strategy by 2024

Kanari pledge to support National Mental Health Strategy to 2024 – Fund to accompany patients going abroad – Rehabilitation of one ward following recent fire

For promotion her National Mental Health Strategy to 2024 Minister of Health Dr. Popi Kanari on Friday assured the staff of Athalassa Hospital while noting that the tight time frames set for its completion are feasible.

In his statements after visit on which he held on Athalassa Hospital, Dr. Kanari expressed her ministry’s support for mental health and assured staff that the Mental Health Strategy will be implemented through 2024 with the participation of multiple agencies such as the Ministry of Education, the Deputy Ministry of Social Affairs and other non-governmental organizations and partners.

As he said, the committee has been established and all partners are participating, it should be noted that the actions that will start with this strategy are much more important, with the aim of promoting this specific sector, which, he said, “has been a little forgotten” .

According to the Minister of Health, there will be support from the World Health Organization, as experts came last week to see what Cyprus has and what it does not have, in order to best shape the strategy according to the country’s data.

He also said that Cyprus would have and support from Greece, which recently completed this strategy.

“It is also a matter for many other countries in the EU and Commissioner Stella Kyriakidou has recommended that all countries continue to develop a strategy“, he added.

In relation to upgrades who took over OKYPY at Athalassa Hospital, Dr. Kanari said that he March 2024 is expected first wing which will essentially increase the level of service to patients.

He mentioned that the second phase will be completed by 2026, also add that there will be a ceremonial opening of the structures that have been created in the municipality of Latsia.

“This institution of direct communication with society has been accepted. And the inauguration will take place on January 19, with the aim of the society to accept this institution. We have people who need that hug”he said.

He added that “we are moving forwardalso a with facilities that will improve in Limassol Hospital. So much will be done in the new year. We hope that the services they need will be upgraded and we will make every effort to upgrade them.”

Restoration of one chamber after a recent fire

Asked about the ward of Athalassa Hospital that was damaged in the recent fire, Ms. Kanari said that one ward has been completed and is already operational.

In relation to the second chamber, he said that it had sustained major damage and work would begin immediately after Christmas.

He expressed confidence that by mid-January, the particular ward would be ready to function and patients who had been transferred to other wards could return.

Fund for accompanying patients abroad

When asked what is happening with the fund for accompanying patients who go abroad for treatment, the Minister of Health replied: “As you know, the Speaker of the Parliament requested the amount of 4 million euros from the Ministry of Finance. We believe that this study, which was conducted three years ago, needs to be updated with the correct data we will get back to you with a request, based on today’s data with the Ministry of Finance, with whom we are in consultation.”

“Covering these expenses,” said Mrs. Kanari, “I am also considering saved. There are children for whom covering the costs has always been a matter of course, but there are also patients who need accompaniment for many and various reasons, and I believe that the state should support these people, because I believe that since the state cannot provide services to some of the our fellows, we must find out how we can cover all the expenses abroad”.

He emphasized that support in a foreign country “It should be taken for granted.

In response to another question about whether they will have time to include this fund in the 2024 budget, Ms. Kanari expressed an assessment that they would not have time because the adjustments had been completed.

However, he said there would be an additional budget in 2024 and he would return after consulting the finance ministry.

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