JiYue 01, the first mass electric car with level 4 autonomous driving

Last summer, the two Chinese giants at the helm of this project announced a restructuring of their partnership. Focus on the commercial launch of JiYue 01.

As part of this partnership, Geely took control with a 65% stake. Baidu keeps 35%, but only intervenes in the technology part. Geely felt that its participation in the joint venture deserved more credit. And it gave him the opportunity to create – at low prices in China – a new brand by switching from Jidu Auto to JiYue.

JiYue 01 can park or pick up passengers up to 2km away from its user!

JiYue 01 is the result of this collaboration. And the first electric car equipped with Baidu’s “Apollo” kit, which offers level 4 autonomous driving functions. This is a small feat and the beginning of a new era in the automotive industry.

Geely and Baidu want to show other automakers the way. The JiYue 01 is also equipped with a “unique voice interaction system” that allows communication between “human environment and car».

The JiYue 01 will initially only be released in China, just two years after the original concept was revealed. The electric model is based on Geely’s SEA platform and will be offered with two battery variants: The first with a capacity of 71 kWh and the second with 100 kWh. They will offer 550 km and 720 km of autonomy. Geely promises good charging performance and still enough to go from 10% to 80% in less than 30 minutes using a DC terminal.

There are many options when it comes to engines: With 200 kW or 400 kW and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds for the most powerful drivetrain. JiYue 01 is also the first production model with a chip Snapdragon 8295 from Qualcomm. Capable of offering high-level intelligent functions. Specifically, the famous voice recognition. Baidu promises that the technology is able to digest “complex scenarios inside and outside the car».

The artificial intelligence system implemented in JiYue 01 also includes “multimodal interaction, mainly vocal, gestural and visual». JiYue 01 can also park itself at the command of its owner.

While waiting outside the car, the user can use voice commands to activate the “autonomous valet service” function. This allows the JiYue 01 to park or pick up passengers up to 2km away!

Other autonomous driving functions allow the electric 01 to change lanes and overtake fully autonomously, maneuver on highways by entering and leaving, avoid obstacles in multiple lanes, recognize traffic lights, give priority to pedestrians when crossing, avoid non-motorized vehicles, etc.

JiYue 01’s autonomous capabilities work on “90% of China’s highways and three major cities: Hangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai.”

Geely and Baidu say they want to expand that presence to more than 200 cities in China by 2024.

The first deliveries will start in a few weeks. The price has not yet been announced. With a promise to offer Chinese consumers “an unrivaled experience from a smart car”, JiYue 01 is unlikely to be cheap. Finally, Geely specifies that the brand will have its own charging network in China in the future.

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