It will be the Tesla Model 2, an electric car that can revolutionize the industry

Tesla plans to produce no less than 48 million units of what will be its cheapest electric car. It still doesn’t have an official name, but it’s already been popularly christened the Tesla Model 2, a car we already know key information about, like its battery size, but have absolutely no knowledge of. the meaning it will have in the aesthetic field.

Thanks to the little information that the American manufacturer has revealed about the project, we know that it will arrive in the form of a compact-sized car. Considering the only test mule to be seen of the model used Mazda CX-30 bodywork, there’s a chance it could also arrive in SUV or compact crossover form. Nevertheless, nothing can be taken for granted until the final presentation of the model.

This is why any type of image or new information about a new model is of great interest. The images that accompany these lines are not from Tesla itself, but rather from a digital artist unrelated to the brand: SRK designs. Standing in the field of digital creations about future models or even some more hypothetical ones. His work was repetitive Autoevolutionwho do not give the author’s proposed design a very good place, because they define it as boring.

No matter how accurate your functions may seem, there is probably a fundamental error./Image: SRK Designs.

To tell the truth, the lines drawn by a Photoshop expert look realistic and If the resulting product had such an image, it would be a sales success.. It is similar in size to the Volkswagen ID.3, the model it will compete with at launch, but the truth is that it will be much more competitive both in terms of price and autonomy.

As Tesla officially announced through its Master Plan 3, its compact electric car will have a battery 53 kWh maximum capacity. The current ID.3 has a version that uses a similar 58 kWh battery and manages to extract a range of 428 kilometers from it. A range of use that looks set to surpass the Model 2, despite having a slightly less capable battery, thanks to Tesla’s efficiency know-how.

Currently, the Tesla Model 3 in the rear-wheel drive version offers us a range of 554 kilometers with a battery of only 60 kWh. Using the rule of three, the most affordable model Elon Musk It should remain close to 500 kilometers of autonomy. The assumption that when the Model 2 is designed to be a simpler, lighter, more efficient and more economical model, it shouldn’t be too far from reality.

The global target price of this long-awaited electric car is $25,000, which is in exchange for about 22,800 euros. Tesla has been wrong many times in their pricing estimates for future products, but the truth is that they don’t have much of a margin with this model because it’s simply due to availability.

We should have more news about him in early 2024 at the latest it should start production between 2025 and 2026planned for the brand’s new factory in Mexico, which has just received final approval.

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