Isn’t this the country for electric pickups? Ford will drastically reduce production in 2024

All markets have their specifics, and the United States stands out for its insatiable desire for pick-ups. The Ford F-Series has been the best-selling vehicle in the North American country for more than 40 years that it has reigned supreme Ronald Reagan. However, electric F-150 It doesn’t even achieve similar success, and Ford plans to drastically reduce its production.

The North American company has made a decision cut production in half that he planned his Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup for next year 2024. The measure was revealed Automotive news referring to an internal document that the company would send to its suppliers.

According to this document you told them to prepare for an average volume around 1,600 units per week from January. This represents a decrease of exactly 50% compared to the 3,200 cars produced per week until now, with a target of 150,000 units per year by the end of this year.

The Ford F-150 Lightning can tow up to 10,000 pounds (4,535 kilograms).

The measure was driven by what the American company describes as a “changing market demand”which is not consuming the electric F-150 at the expected rate, despite the efforts of the blue oval brand to increase production throughout this year.

The company constantly adjusts production based on demand. At the beginning of the year, it announced that it would double production, up to 3,200 units per week. Last October, it temporarily cut one of three shifts at the plant where the F-150 Lightning is made, affecting about 700 workers. The suspension of the shift reduced the planned targets. Now they are going back to the plans they had a year ago.

Sold in a variety of engines and trim levels, including work-oriented ones, the F-150 Lightning is produced in Rouge Center for Electric Vehicles in Dearborn, Michigan, near the company’s headquarters.

Production of diesel and gasoline pickups at plants in Michigan and Missouri will remain unchanged, according to the company, with only specific adjustments to the electric vehicle lineup.

“Changing demand” that broke sales records

Although it represents a small share of sales, it has had a record year.

Despite the brand’s claims, the data contrasts with the demand reduction discourse. And sales of the electric F-150 continue to grow, reaching a a monthly record of 4,393 units last November, according to company data. The numbers suggest it’s not so much a drop in demand as a drop in demand a bad prediction or guess the same -perhaps too optimistic-.

In the US market, Sales of the F-150 Lightning are up 54% so far this yearfrom January to November, it reached 20,365 units sold. This phenomenon suggests that although the electric vehicle industry faces challenges, the F-150 Lightning remains an important model in Ford’s lineup. Of course, it’s still a long way from the conventional F-series, which has sold 659,583 units so far this year.

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