How to change your gas car to electric in eight hours

A German company has developed a conversion kit that allows you to turn your petrol car into an electric one in eight hours. It can rebuild up to 42 different models of major brands such as Volkswagen Golf or Seat León.

More and more drivers are interested in it electric car, but when looking at the price, they come face to face with reality. Electric cars are much more expensive than combustion equivalents and less practical because they have a much shorter range. However, there is an alternative: change your car from petrol to electric.

This is something we’ve already seen with some classic cars converted to electric, a phenomenon called “electromod‘ be ‘retrofitting‘. However, this is not so common with more or less contemporary vehicles.

The main problem presented by the conversion of a car benzine time is electric. It’s a fairly demanding process that can take anywhere from two weeks to six months.

However, a German startup has developed a new system to speed up this process. Is called e-Revolt and believe that you can convert your car from gasoline to electric in just eight hours. In addition, you can convert up to 42 different models major brands such as Volkswagen Golf or Seat Leonthrough a unique conversion kit.

How to change your gas car to electric in eight hours

To convert a gasoline car into an electric car in such a short time, the part is in the frame, he explains Euronews Timo Walden, project manager at e-Revolt: “We removed the internal combustion engine and have a frame that uses the old engine points.”

And he continues: “This way we can easily replace only the engine with a new frame and components. And that is why we are much faster than individual solutions. So the frame is an important part of our speed.”

Therefore, the process consists of dismantle the gasoline engine and replace it with battery technology patented by the German company a engine frameExcept complete digitization of the car. On average, it takes the company one day to complete a version.

Currently, e-Revolt batteries provide a autonomy in the range of 250 to 300 kilometers on a single charge, although the team is working to offer more range.

How much does a conversion cost?

Now the question is: how much does it cost to convert a gasoline car to an electric car? e-Revolt estimates the cost of between 12,000 and 15,000 eurosthe price is clearly lower than any new electric car, although the price of the car that will be transformed must be added.

At the moment, the German company is working with a configuration adapted to a series of models of specific brands. However, the team says it can convert a completely different vehicle to electric, simply by thinking about which parts need to be replaced.

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