How much does a windscreen on a McLaren F1 cost?

Somehow it ends up costing tens of millions. Obviously, this is a rarity, certainly a myth as many consider it to be the best supercar ever. But the reason the McLaren F1 costs so much is because it has very expensive parts.

How expensive? Suffice it to say that the windshield costs 33,000 dollars, which is equivalent to 30,230 euros! The cost per part is $25,000 (€22,900), while another $8,000 (€7,300) costs the labor. In the US, it gets you a basic Tesla Model 3.

33 thousand for a windshield? If you’ve ever wished you won the lottery and owned a McLaren F1, you’d need a second one to keep it.

The numbers may stun ordinary mortals, but they are simply indifferent to the owners. If we consider that they have already spent around 20 million euros to acquire it, the cost of replacing the windshield does not matter to them.

But how did this information come about? During last weekend’s Velocity Invitational at Sonoma Raceway in California, two McLaren F1 owners noticed cracks in their windshields.

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And actually almost identical, at the base of the windshield. You can see them yourself in the video posted on Instagram.

The original replacement windscreens are still in stock at this time and are located at McLaren’s UK HQ. If it wasn’t, owners would have to pay even more to have new parts custom made. Then the costs would be even higher.

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To avoid such a risk and obsolescence of the model, McLaren Special Operations plans to produce several more new windshields for the F1, so that there will be a sufficient supply in the future.

And it doesn’t just stop at windshields. A British factory started producing aluminum tanks and rims to replace the old magnesium ones. Don’t be overwhelmed by the regular replacement of rims, this is common for many hypercars.

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The official excuse is that they are overwhelmed with freight, but the reality is that companies are simply able to empty the -deep- wallets of very wealthy buyers.

For example, with Bugatti, every owner of the Chiron Pur Sport is obliged rim replacement every 14 months or 16,000 km, whichever comes first. If there really was a voltage problem, there would be no time limit. Price of the set? Only €42,641!

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