Five tips for entrepreneurial women who want to start their own business

As part of World Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, celebrated this November 19, Natura, the Brazilian multinational hygiene and beauty products company that is the second direct selling company in Mexico, recognizes the importance of promoting and inspiring Mexican women who want the reins of their business lives .

For this reason, it is proud to be a seed and a witness of success in the lives of thousands of women in the country and their families, thanks to its business model that leads them to a sustainable business. Currently, the company has 320,000 cosmetic consultants nationwide, of which 89% are women.

“What makes a difference in women’s lives is the fact that they have money in their bag to make decisions,” declares Dafné Ramos, Natura Leader in Chiapas, whose inspiring story in Natura’s Sustainable Relationship Networks model has enabled her to provide education to her children and even to herself, who is currently studying at a second university.

And according to the United Nations (UN), when the number of women in employment increases, economies grow. According to studies in OECD countries and some non-member countries, increasing female participation in the labor market – or reducing the disparity between female and male labor force participation – leads to faster economic growth.(1).

Natura not only celebrates and supports women’s entrepreneurship, but also brings together the best advice for women interested in starting their own direct selling business through the success stories of its leaders and consultants:

Start without fear
Many Natura beauty consultants have taken this first step and become real leaders. Remember that you are not alone in this journey. Having the necessary support and guidance is essential for the optimal development of your business. Natura offers a solid business model that provides the support, tools and guidance to help your business flourish.

Believe in the power of relationships
Direct selling offers the opportunity to create networks and communities that allow you to grow your business at your pace. The industry is inclusive and diverse, where people can develop professionally regardless of their social, educational or physical status. Harness that power and use it to your advantage.

Inspire others to follow their own path
Offer valuable content and promote your products or services on social media with high-quality images. Foster interaction and conversation with your community, which is critical to success in this digital age. “To grow with Natura’s model of sustainable relationships, I studied the social networks of prominent leaders in different states to learn from them and apply their techniques,” advises Mary Carmen Álvarez, head of Natura in Colima.

Identify your motivation
It is important to determine why you want to start a business. Whether it’s supporting your family or achieving your dreams, the key to taking the first steps in your business is to have solid motivation. In direct selling, you can be your own boss, have flexible working hours and decide your profits. These motivations will help you overcome challenges with determination.

Manage your achievements
Don’t underestimate the importance of good management in your business. Stay up-to-date with the latest technology tools to effectively manage your processes and financial health. There are free platforms to suit your personality and business style.

Natura provides you with continuous support and development to turn your passion and dreams into a successful career. Join the women’s entrepreneurship revolution where women have the power to change their lives and reach new heights.

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