Fiat 500e or Renault Twingo, which electric car is better for the city in 2024?

As regards electric cars, the most rational and truly functional purchase is a utility vehicle. A vehicle for exclusive use in or around the city where the benefits of electric technology can be taken advantage of. Next, we will show you two models aimed at this purpose, two good options to buy in 2024: Fiat 500e or Renault Twingo.

We can say that most car brands started from the roof and launched high-end electric vehicles, big, powerful and very expensive. Cars very effective, but inaccessible to a large part of the public.

Models from the lower segments have gradually appeared, and many more are expected in the coming years. This is necessary for the democratization of the electric car. Currently, we can find two really interesting options on the market: on the one hand, there is Fiat 500e; another, Renault Twingo E-Tech.

Both are electric cars designed exclusively for the city, compact, quiet and very easy to control to make city roads more bearable.

Fiat 500e

in 2021 Fiat launched an all-electric version of its famous utility vehicle. A car that, unlike the petrol 500 (which was not replaced by the electric one), is slightly larger and has a modernized design. It has a starting price 29,900 euros.

It is available with three body types: standard three-door, so-called sedananother with a sliding canvas roof, the so-called Convertibleand one more special one with three doors plus another one on the right side, the so-called 500 3+1.

This last option facilitates access to the rear seats in a cabin that, while not particularly spacious, is slightly larger and more comfortable than the combustion Fiat 500.

In terms of engines, the electric Fiat 500 offers two versions: a engine 95 hp with a battery with a gross capacity of 23.7 kWh to give you autonomy of 180 kilometers aa engine 118 hp with a gross battery of 42 kWh, which gives a autonomy of 320 kilometersalways according to the WLTP cycle.

The 23.7kWh battery supports a maximum of 50kW DC charging and the 42kWh 85kW. With the 11 kW charger it takes approx 4.5 hours for 100% recovery battery, while using the fast charging system, it can complete the operation in about one hour.

The interior offers a much more modern and well-executed design than the combustion version. We have a very minimalist dashboard, dominated by a 7-inch touchscreen (10.25 inches in the top trim) and digital instrumentation behind the steering wheel.

There are three trim levels: Action, passion and icon. From the most basic, it includes a 7-inch instrument screen, air conditioning, push-button start and tin wheels. The Passion adds a wireless 7-inch multimedia system screen compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The top trim has a 10.25-inch screen, climate control, keyless entry, aluminum wheels and a more carefully designed dashboard.

Renault Twingo E-Tech

The electric Renault Twingo has similar dimensions (3.61 meters long), but is not as modern as the Fiat 500e and is less powerful. It is also cheaper: its price starts at 24,501 euros.

It is a very suitable car for the city, not only because it is very compact, but also because of its maneuverability. In this sense, it is one of the best on the market.

It is offered with only one mechanical option, a engine 82 hp It is powered by a lithium-ion battery with a useful capacity of 21.4 kWh, which gives it a autonomy of 190 kilometersaccording to the official data offered by the manufacturer, although in real conditions the autonomy varies between 140 and 150 kilometers.

The battery supports charging up to 22 kW in alternating current, which is a high number and allows you to get 100% of the energy in one an hour and half. However, it cannot be recharged with a DC fast charging system.

The interior doesn’t look as modern as the Fiat 500e and feels lower quality, although both interiors are covered in hard plastics. At least, renault It offers various customization packages and several colors to decorate the dashboard trim that surrounds the screen, the edges of the vents and the steering wheel inserts.

As standard, it is equipped with a 7-inch screen for projecting system content Easy link. There is also a more advanced system called Easy connectionwith online services that offer access to various car functions via a phone app, such as a locator, charging schedule or battery status check.

The multimedia system is also compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and allows you to search for charging points via Google in the navigator, as well as an automatic update service.


Which electric car to buy in 2024, Fiat 500e or Renault Twingo E-Tech? Both are two good options for use in the city, and maybe the price is what decides the purchase.

We are talking about a difference of 5400 euros, which is no small thing. Recall that prices can be reduced by up to 7,000 euros with the help of The MOVES III plan.

The Fiat 500e is more modern than the Twingo, has a more striking design, is more technologically advanced, has better interior finishes and more powerful engines, as well as greater autonomy. Therefore, it is a more recommended option for those who drive around the city and do some intercity trips.

The Twingo represents a better choice for those looking for an electric car exclusively for daily trips in city centers.

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