Ferrari: “Don’t drive the SF90 yet”

Ferrari has announced that it is recalling several SF90s due to a possible engine oil leak.

This recall affects 614 units of the PHEV model, both versions Stradaleas well as the Spider, which were produced from 2022 to September 2023. Any models made after September 20th have no problems at all because Maranello repair the damage.

The cause of the problem is a failure of the oil pump that feeds the turbo. According to the factory, all owners of the model have been informed. In fact, Ferrari encourages them not to drive this one-of-a-kind hypercar 1000 PS with a dream V8 until they visit an authorized dealer to replace the pump.

The Ferrari SF90 is a PHEV hypercar with a power of 1,000 hp, while those who built it paid no less, a maximum of €800,000 from their account.

The Italian brand’s announcement states that the problem was discovered during an inspection of the vehicle in July this year. Ferrari was in the process of testing when one of the cars started leaking oil due to a hole in the pump that shouldn’t have been there.

Leakage of lubricating fluid in parts of the engine that develop very high temperatures during operation can lead to a fire.

This fact resulted in a drop in oil pressure. The relevant indication appeared on the car’s screen, which spoke of “restricted engine power”.

However, at the moment, the company has not received any information from the owners (who have invested around 800,000 EUR) of the model regarding the issue.

Finally, this is not the first time that Maranello has recalled this particular model. Last March, 13 SF90s were found to have a passenger airbag failure.

It’s slanted, but it doesn’t fit. After all, it happens to even the best families!

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