EsSalud app for meetings: how does it help reduce queues and what services does it offer?

One of the main complaints of citizens in Peru is the creation of long queues to access care at a hospital or other public health facility. In this situation, the Social Health Insurance Company (EsSalud) submitted an application last September “EsSalud My consultation”, a web and mobile service that allows policyholders to access and consult through various formalities How to request a medical examination.

By itself, kThrough this computer program, patients have accessto a summary of medical care, to medical prescriptions, to the status of your references and ancillary examinations and requests for medical breaks. They can also consult the date, time and status of their medical appointments as well Institutions providing health services (IPRESS) to which it is attached.

In this sense, how does this technology contribute to reducing long queues outside hospitals and polyclinics, apart from providing better services to patients?

Frank Guzmán, the company’s central information and communication technology manager EsSaludinformed Management that have approximately 1,188,503 visits EsSalud My consultationsince its launch. The most visited options are:

Auxiliary exams24.52%

Regarding the type of branch, a spokesperson for EsSalud he said they are adults aged 31 to 40 years those who used the app the most, followed by those young people aged 18 to 30.

18 to 30 years25%
31 to 40 years old29%
41 to 50 years old19%
51 to 60 years old12%
61 or morefifteen%

In which regions does the dating app work?

Web serviceEsSalud My consultationIt can also be used on mobile phones and is available to all policyholders across the country. However, to date, the option that allows the generation of medical appointments is activated in the 98 IPRESS first level of care.

How is the demand for medical visits developing?

According to demand for medical appointments through the applicationGuzmán Castillostated that they have been generated to date 63,842.

“It is estimated that 100,000 appointments will be generated through the app by the end of the year.” EsSalud My consultationand with regard to the projection for next year, the goal is to achieve double the number of generated appointments in proportion to the share of 2023.”he claimed.

When asked if this application already reports progress in reducing the queues of people in hospitals in Social health insurance companythe manager replied: It was possible to identify a 30% reduction in queues and gradually the reduction is expected to increase as more policyholders use the”.

On the other hand, Fr regions that report the most use of this application EsSaludTo process appointments, Rebagliati service networkfollows Arequipa Assistance Networkand Almenara Charity Network respectively.

In reference to the medical center that generated the most appointments through the app, is he Pablo Bermúdez Polyclinic followed Činča Polyclinic in Lima.

EsSalud expects to reach 100,000 appointments generated through the Mi Consulta app by the end of the year, (Photo: EsSalud)
EsSalud expects to reach 100,000 appointments generated through the Mi Consulta app by the end of the year, (Photo: EsSalud)

What specialties can you arrange in the application and which are the most requested?

At the moment, There are 37 specialties distributed in 98 IPRESS across the countrywhich can generate medical appointments through the app My question.

In relation to the most sought-after specialty is general medicine. It follows odontology and Obstetrician respectively.

New options in the EsSalud Mi Consulta application

The company’s central information and communication technology manager EsSaludexplained what planned to be implemented in the application My question Looking to the end of 2023, the options are:

on) Tele Urgency:

  • Focused on patients who have an urgent situation and can be treated remotely, a doctor from the National Telemedicine Center (CENATE). Yippee similar to personal care in relation to medical prescriptions, generating orders for ancillary examinations and also generating urgent care in case the patient needs to go in person.

b) Application for CAM membership

  • ·This feature is aimed at insured persons older than 60 yearsthe same ones who can claim their affiliation to Senior Center (CAM).

C) Kfre test:

  • This feature will allow the insured patient to perform KFRE test in the application. This test measures the risk that a patient may have a Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). The information generated by this test will help us make it possible to carry out projections of the health of the insured’s kidneys and carry out preventive campaigns prevent patients from reaching critical states.

While until 2024, EsSalud It is planned to implement:

  • Video call: It will allow you to directly integrate a Teleconsultation with the insured and the doctor correspondent.
  • Appointments for recitals and consultations: Implement the functionality Schedule meetings for appointment requests that patients have.
  • Message meeting reminder: Tool pop-up messagesfor appointment reminders, prescriptions to pick up, auxiliary exams ready.
  • Claims: Implement claims in EsSaludleading to the complaint book.
  • IOS application: Implement a system for using mobile apps for Apple devices (with IOS operating system)
  • Minors: Implement functionality so that recipients under the age of 18 can conduct consultations and generate appointments.

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