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The public school becomes a positive case of commitment to environmental and mobility issues

Messina beat Asia 1-0. We know that students from Japan, China and Korea are very good and disciplined, but sometimes good things come from the much maligned Italian schools. In Messina the boys frominstitute Verona Trento they created the first fully Italian electric car. They built it with teachers in a project that expresses the desire for a less polluted world.

In Messina we go “via dello Strait”

The boys from Verona Trento received compliments from the mayor of Messina Federico Basile and the whole city. News of their loot went around the world. We say this by starting with the question: why do Asians go to such lengths to do the things that we in Italy manage in school? GOOD Giorgia Meloni destroy the Silk Road. Here we go “via dello Strait”.

Speaking of which, we don’t know if the guys wanted to give the infrastructure minister a gift as well Matteo Salvini so that only electric cars drive over the desired bridge.

However, in the municipality of Messina, talented young people were presented as the most sensitive to environmental problems, starting with polluting cars.

From this point of view, Messina is no different from other cities. We will have to be very vigilant when and if the cars leave the bridge.

From scrap metal to technological wonder

One so far old Renault 5 abandoned, it has been completely and seriously “turned inside out,” as a tailor once did with worn clothes.

The internal combustion engine – one that is expected to no longer exist by 2035 – has been replaced by the “electric motor direct current connected directly to the car’s original transmission. And yes, it works. After all Henry Ford E Carl Benzthe inventors of automobiles, merely removed the horses from old cars.

The story was progressively exciting. The Sicilian Institute has invested in technologies that will allow children to explore sustainable horizons for hours in the laboratory. The complex issue of lithium for batteries has been solved thanks to CNR ITAE which provided children with a remotely monitored energy storage system. There was no need to go anywhere in the world to buy lithium because there is no money. What if they asked the Minister of Education Joseph La Valletta would he give them Indeed, if you have them, make them available to increase activities.

A project that gives hope

The innovative project was achieved thanks to the enthusiasm and commitment of the entire school community, which worked together to create an environmentally friendly and energy-sustainable vehicle, he said. Simonetta Di Primaprincipal.

In short, the Italian school can surprise. Here is a concrete example of how public education it can become a training ground for solving real problems. The politics that debate school reform are turning against each other. Do you know what happens in some institutes? Moreover, in the south.

Economic resources are still very scarce, but as happened in Messina, despite nationwide complaints about school chaos, good ideas can emerge. Finally, were the car manufacturers aware of this experiment? Because if Fiat-FCA-Stellantis If they are interested, they can easily call the students in Messina. Sicily is closer than China.

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