Electric car for 100 euros per month. This is how the French bonus works

Emmanuel Macron’s government is launching a plan in 2024 to break the barrier of high electric car prices. The French will be able drive an electric vehicle from 100 euros per month thanks to a subsidy in the form of an electricity voucher, although it does not cover all expenses. How a revolutionary works French program to support electric cars?

The electric car access programme, a promise by Macron in his 2022 re-election campaign, will start on January 1, 2024 and will benefit households with an annual income of less than 15,400 euros. Recipients will also have to live more than 15 kilometers from their place of work and, due to the lack of adequate public transport, will need a car to get there, with a total of at least 8,000 kilometers per year for work reasons.

How much will it cost?

The subsidized rental price will be 100 euros per month for a new small electric vehicle, which could reach 150 euros for family cars, according to estimates. information page which the executive launched on the Internet to explain the program.

How long is the contract?

According to the French government, the duration of the lease must be at least 3 years. At the end of the contract, users will have to return the vehicle or choose to buy it for its residual value.

What is included in the contract?

The plan allows for a maximum mileage of 12,000 kilometers per year at no additional cost, but does not include the cost of maintenance and insurance, which are additional services.

What features do cars have?

The electric bonus program will subsidize the rental of electric cars that meet the specified criteria. The purchase price of the car must be less than or equal to 47,000 euros and its weight must be less than or equal to 2,400 kilograms. They can be new models or registered within a maximum of three and a half years.

What models are suitable?

The government plans to put around 20,000-25,000 electric cars on the market in 2024 with the new bonus, although this number will grow. The list of models that users can choose from includes numerous cars from European, Korean and Japanese brands, but none from China.

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