Ecological bonus: the last days when you can use it on these 23 electric cars

If you want to use the environmental bonus of €5,000 or €7,000 to buy a Dacia Spring, a Tesla Model 3 or Y, an MG4 or the future electric Mini and many more, it’s happening until December 15.

The decree on the future ecological bonus has been published in the Official Journal Sep 20, 2023. Compared to the consultation project published last August, which Autopsy by numbers. If we already know the outline of the environmental score calculation, it remains unclear what the eligible models are. The first list of electric cars eligible for the 2024 bonus should be published from December 15, after which it will be regularly updated.

Without waiting for an official list from the government, several brands have announced that they will no longer have access to the bonus. So use it Current bonus €5,000, it’s time to act. It will be too late to order by December 15th. If you want to take advantage of a long term lease offer (LLD or even LOA) it is almost too late as the finance organization must confirm the offer before the 15th.

No car made in China should be eligible until the end of 2024 (at least)

The future bonus environmental score calculation is a conservation measures, camouflaged under the ecological name. All models assembled in China that are currently eligible for the bonus in France should no longer be eligible at the start of 2024. This applies in particular to the following models:

Due to production in Chinese factories and deliveries to Europe, the environmental scores of these models should not normally allow them to retain the right to the bonus from 2024. However, some manufacturers could start an exceptional procedure set by the government and request a recalculation of their scores taking into account greener production of their factories (and/or transport) compared to the standard in the country.

You must receive your first rejection (December 15th or later) to access this exceptional procedure. This second application may take up to 7 months to process. Even if manufacturers appeal the list published on December 15, nothing will change until the second half of 2024. It is still necessary that the documents provided by the respective manufacturers allow a point rating eligible for the bonus to be established after re-evaluation. Only shipping from China risks it.

More specifically, one could follow the case of the Tesla Model Y. All models delivered from Shanghai would be de facto excluded, but not necessarily those from the Berlin Gigafactory. However, it has been noted that only a small part of the Model Y Propulsion production has yet to come out of the Berlin factory. However, nothing is simple: even if it is made in Germany, the electric SUV from Tesla could be sanctioned batteries (BYD) assembled in China. Therefore, eligibility for the 2024 bonus remains uncertain in the models. Tesla appears to be pushing to buy before December 15thwhich is not exactly comforting.

Korean and Japanese cars as collateral victims?

Until Ademe reveals the final list, some models will remain in a gray area as to their fate in the face of the eco-bonus. Among these models are vehicles from Korea and Japan:

Korean manufacturer Hyundai has a good idea to build its own Kona EV in Europe and should therefore keep his bonus. On the other hand, the basic version of the Ioniq 5, which benefited from discounts of less than €47,000, will no longer be eligible for this support from the French government. For all the models mentioned above, it seems like a compromise. No luck at the end of Honda e’s career, which he won’t have didn’t help until the end of his marketing.

For Nissan, Blade is assembled in the United Kingdom. So she should theoretically remain eligible. That probably won’t be the case for the Nissan Ariya, which despite a price cut to make it eligible, shouldn’t be eligible until early 2024.

Toyota is currently offering discounts view your bZ4X under €47,000, but this model will not have access to the 2024 bonus. Toyota has confirmed to us that it has not submitted a file for this model.

If China is heavily disadvantaged in environmental score calculations, South Korea, Japan, India, Indonesia and Vietnam are equally disadvantaged to varying degrees. Thailand, which is increasingly popular with Chinese manufacturers for setting up factories, is not listed. There is no doubt that he can escape punishment.

The Ford Mustang Mach-e completes the list

Despite the discount, which increases the price of the basic version to 45,200 euros, the Ford Mustang Mach-e is one of the models that will lose the right to the bonus from December 15.

Its production in Mexico (and not the United States) has quite a similar impact to vehicles produced in Asia. So it’s hopeless for this model.

All European production eligible? Not automatically!

An electric car assembled in Europe (outside of France) with a Chinese battery could find itself in the hot seat. How many models doesn’t it have yet European production of their batteries, that might cause a surprise. That’s part of the uncertainty that can only be resolved once Ademe starts revealing examples of cars that qualify and those that fail the environmental score calculation.

We’ll probably have to wait until December 15 to reveal some surprises (good or bad) regarding future electric cars. eligible for support of €5,000 or €7,000 (subject to resource conditions) from Govt. Enough to disrupt some of the shopping projects originally planned for 2024.

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