Buying a second-hand electric car, three best tips

Here are three tips for buying a second-hand electric car and being successful. These are three key points that you should keep in mind now that buying a used electric car is an option that more and more drivers are turning to.

Buy a second-hand electric car It is an option that, due to the high prices of this type of vehicle, more and more drivers are considering. Although Chinese cars have reduced the prices of electric cars, European manufacturers still sell them well above the price of a similar car with an internal combustion engine.

For this reason, the used market is an option that many buyers turn to because it allows them to purchase a vehicle at a lower price. However, it is important to note that what you should check for a used car before buying it is not the same as what you should consider for an electric car.

In this article, we will give you three key tips before you buy electric carwhich you should consider to increase your chances of success.

Three tips to look out for before buying a used electric car

What condition is the car in?

The first tip, and the most important of all, is to check What condition is the car in?. Even if it does not have an internal combustion engine under the hood, the electric car is prone to traffic accidents or does not have the maintenance recommended by the manufacturer.

Therefore, check that the vehicle is no accidents and if any suffered, it was properly repaired. You should also check their status Wear pieces common such as tires, braking system, steering and suspension.

Check that there are no warning lights on the dashboard and that the car is working and can be driven properly. This is basic, but we also recommend that you make sure you have ITV valid, current with insurance and has no fees. You can get all this information by requesting a report from the company DGT.

Battery degradation and autonomy

Another critical point with a used electric car is battery degradation and how it affected its autonomy. With use and charge and discharge cycles, the battery deteriorates, losing energy capacity, which is undoubtedly reflected in the number of kilometers it can travel on a single charge.

It is important to check the condition of the car battery with professional help (the vehicle manufacturer’s official service is optional). If the battery is too degraded, you’ll likely have to replace it, resulting in a huge repair bill that you don’t care about.

The MOVES III plan for used electric cars

Finally, you should know that used electric cars can also benefit from help and subsidies from The MOVES III plan, albeit with certain nuances. Since last June, used electric cars can be obtained up to 7,000 euros in aid to buy (4,500 euros without scrap) if they have younger than 12 months.

Although this support only applies to EVs that are no more than 12 months old from their first registration, it’s a resource you should consider if you’re going to buy a used car from a dealer.

This is an interesting way to save on the purchase, as dealers also register and use electric cars for their employees and for test drives with potential customers.

A few months later, these cars sell for less than when they were new, allowing you to save money and still have a practically a new car, with a few kilometers and with an official warranty. In addition, you can reduce its price even more with the MOVES III plan.

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