Business: Boost your business with the power of launchpads

Business ventures.- In the dynamic business world and “panel” represents more than a simple entity; is a valuable tool designed to drive and support entrepreneurs and their startups during the early stages of development.

In this context, startup platforms are an essential component that provides entrepreneurs with the necessary resources to accelerate the growth and success of their companies.

These programs offer a strategic mix of services including funding, training, mentoring and valuable networking opportunities.

Nowadays, launchpads have become a key ally for entrepreneurs in the primary stages of their business. Génesis Hernández, Launchpad Specialist at The Meteor Companyemphasizes that these programs represent not only an opportunity but also an invaluable competitive advantage by providing a comprehensive combination of training, mentoring, funding and opportunities to make meaningful connections.

Capital injection:

One of the highlights of launchpads is their ability to inject capital into entrepreneurs in a variety of ways, whether through seed capital, loans or grants. This financial support not only supports the initial growth of the company, but also opens the door to future investment opportunities that can be crucial for expansion.

A clear example is the American startup accelerator ‘Y Combinator’ offers seed capital, mentorship and valuable contacts. It supported successful companies such as Dropbox, Airbnb and Stripe.


Launchpads go beyond funding by offering specialized training programs in critical areas such as marketing, sales, finance and business management. These training programs equip entrepreneurs with the necessary skills to face the challenges of the market and maximize the potential of their business.

An example is Google Launchpad Accelerator, which provides not only funding, but also intensive training in Google technologies. It supported projects such as Canva and PicsArt.


Mentoring is a key component provided by launchpads, connecting entrepreneurs with experienced entrepreneurs. This personalized guide not only provides practical knowledge, but also acts as a beacon to help avoid common pitfalls, thereby significantly accelerating business development.

An example is MassChallenge which provides mentoring and support without taking any ownership stake. It supported startups such as Turo and LiquiGlide.


Launchpads serve as networking catalysts and offer entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to connect with other industry professionals, investors and potential clients. These connections are essential for establishing strategic cooperation and opening doors to new business opportunities that might otherwise go unnoticed.

An example is AngelPad, founded by former Google employees, offers collaboration with investors and industry professionals. She supported companies such as Postmates and Buffer.

Once you understand the benefits, choosing the right launch pad for your business becomes a critical step. What should you consider beforehand?

First, make sure the launchpad has experience and is focused on the industry your startup operates in, another key factor is knowing the time it will take to develop the program (which can vary from weeks to months) and keep in mind that the launchpad ramps offer more opportunities, they can also present more competition. Explore the launch pad’s history of success.

Explore the companies that have gone through their program and how they have been successful after participating in the startup panel. Check their credibility and reputation in the business community, check reviews and talk to entrepreneurs who have gone through the program.

Some programs may have associated costs or require equity participation in your company, so it’s important to be clear from the start.

Finally, once you have chosen the launch pad on which to apply your business, remember that preparation is essential and crucial to achieving your goal, so be sure to practice your presentation in advance, remember that you are presenting a project designed to generate interest and be well prepared, so that you can effectively answer questions that may arise during the presentation.

With these elements in mind, launch pads can become the perfect springboard for the success of your business.

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