Baymak aims to protect the world and people with energy-saving and innovative products.

Baymak, a leading brand in the air conditioning industry, continues to create value with all its stakeholders based on its core values ​​of “Customer Focus, One Team and a Sustainable Future”.

Publishing its Sustainability Report for the first time, Baymak reveals that it is taking decisive steps towards its environmental, social and governance sustainability goals within the strategies it has developed based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

In the Baymak Sustainability Report prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards; In addition to pioneering work in energy and water efficiency, carbon reduction and waste management, the impact created by innovative products, employee and customer satisfaction, domestic and sustainable supply chain practices, social benefit, gender equality and innovative business models.

Since the air conditioning sector plays a very important role in the energy transformation, Baymak takes its place among the pioneers of our country’s energy transformation with its air conditioning products and solutions that work with renewable energy sources. Aiming to reduce total direct and indirect (Scope 1 and 2) greenhouse gas emissions by 55 percent by 2030, Baymak is accelerating efficiency efforts in this direction.

Baymak’s 2022 Sustainability Report, whose mission is to create value for people, society and the world with its innovative products such as heat pumps, solar collectors and hydrogen fuel technology, is a reflection of the company’s environmental and social performance, transparent and responsible business. approach and future commitments.

According to the report; Baymak, which reduced carbon emissions by 307 tons in 2022 by reducing natural gas consumption in the administrative building and production facility and ensuring route optimization in company vehicles compared to the previous year, managed to reduce Scope 1 emissions by 11 percent.

Baymak’s greenhouse gas emissions, which were 2,817 tons in 2021, decreased to 2,510 tons in 2022. The company, which zeroed its scope 2 emissions from 2022 with a transition to purchasing 100 percent renewable electricity (IREC certification) in 2021, also pays attention to scope 3 emissions from its indirect activities and measures greenhouse gas emissions from activities such as supply chain, use of products sold and waste management.

The Sustainability Committee works to meet the 7 Global Goals

The eight-member Baymak Sustainability Committee is responsible for creating a sustainability strategy that will include environmental, social and governance dimensions presented by BDR Thermea Group.

There are seven sub-working groups within the Sustainability Committee: Environment, Energy, Occupational Health and Safety, Sustainable Human Resources and Inclusion, Green Transformation in Products, Sustainable Supply Chain and Sustainable Finance.

The committee sets specific goals for the 7 global goals (SDGs 3, 4, 5, 7, 11, 12 and 13) set in the field of environment, social affairs and governance under the leadership of BDR Thermea Group.

Operational efficiency has increased, water and energy savings have been achieved

Baymak, which collects data from 14,000 points using a combi boiler production management system, achieved a 2.5 percent increase in efficiency across its combi boiler lines by tracking production time and employee efficiency.

The welding process began to be implemented at the factory with the application of combined robotic laser body welding, which was put into operation in 2022.

In this way, we took up less space by transporting bodies from the supplier in a disassembled state, while reducing the total logistics activity from 79,688 km to 12,413 km annually.

By switching from manual application to a robotic process in the production process, a 25 percent improvement in production costs was achieved while avoiding 52 tons of CO2 emissions in logistics activities.

By switching to a boiler-air testing system, the water consumption required for the test was reduced by 50 percent, saving 60 tons of water per year.

100 percent of the electricity used came from renewable energy

As part of the Green Office Program implemented by Baymak; By recycling 390 kg of glass waste in 2022, 11.7 kg of greenhouse gases were prevented from escaping into nature. By recycling 159 kg of plastic, 918 kWh of energy was saved.

By recycling 222 kg of waste paper, 39.29 kg of greenhouse gas emissions were prevented and 910.2 kWh of energy was saved. As of August 2021, a 16 percent reduction in water consumption has been achieved through applications such as the use of sensor taps in factories and offices.

On the other hand, we act in accordance with İSKİ wastewater discharge regulations and the relevant legislation of the Ministry by conducting continuous measurements before discharging wastewater.

Support for the transition to a circular economy

Baymak’s goal is to minimize the amount of waste by preventing the generation of waste through environmentally friendly methods. In addition, by separating the waste generated as a result of its processes at the source, it ensures the reuse or utilization of 89 percent of the generated waste.

It thus contributes to the protection of natural resources and the prevention of environmental pollution. It aims to promote a circular economy by reusing the generated waste in different areas and preventing it from being sent to conventional landfills.

Investment in products powered by renewable energy sources

Baymak supports a sustainable future and its consumers’ budgets by being among the pioneers of the energy transition with its air conditioning products and solutions powered by renewable energy sources.

In this context, the company; It focuses on the development of products compatible with heat pumps, solar collectors and hydrogen fuel technology.

The Baymak range of heat pumps, which has an A+++ certificate, the highest efficiency rating, from Eurovent, which approves performance ratings according to European and international standards, provides high energy savings by transferring the potential thermal energy in the air, soil and water to our homes.

The tanks of the new generation of solar collectors provide hygienic drinking water with a special design that allows water to circulate in a stainless steel snake. In addition to reducing health risks, Baymak solar tanks; It is also important that the storage system is used safely and cleanly for many years.

Products compatible with hydrogen fuel technology are considered an important step in preparing for Turkey’s energy transformation.

The rate of local suppliers was 64 percent

Baymak also prioritizes local sourcing in line with its responsibility to both the environment and society. In this context, the company increased the rate of local suppliers to 64 percent, while supporting local manufacturers, it also managed to avoid 193 tons of CO2 by reducing transport distances.

Thanks to the localization studies carried out, an average cost advantage of 64 percent per unit was achieved. On the other hand, with the transition to the use of reusable plastic cases in the transport of supplier products, paper consumption has decreased by 60 tons per year.

Value created for all stakeholders

In addition, a total of 5,035 hours of training were provided to Baymak employees in 2022. As part of awareness-raising activities for sustainability, Baymak employees completed a total of 1,654 hours of training in 2021-2022.

The company launched Baymak Academy to provide all its stakeholders with training on the topics they need. In 2022, 820 hours of training were organized at the Baymak Academy for installers, domestic and international dealers, engineers, authorized services, Baymak employees and stakeholders outside the institution, and 6,754 people participated in these trainings.

In order to strengthen the understanding of responsible production and consumption, a Baymak Solutions Workshop was held, where energy savings in production and office floors, waste management and product life cycle issues were discussed. In this way, important steps were taken to increase employee awareness of these issues, to more effectively implement the company’s sustainability strategy, and to create a wider social and environmental impact.

As part of the importance it attaches to gender equality, Baymak has increased the proportion of women at management level to 44 percent.

Focusing on customer satisfaction and continuing all its activities in accordance with the ISO 10002 customer satisfaction management system, Baymak has managed to increase its customer satisfaction score to 8.2 out of 10.

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