Avoid them! Know the types of expenses that are hurting your personal finances

Taking care of our financial health is very important, so it is necessary to know how and what we spend money on. moneybecause there are different types accounts that could hurt our economy, you know them?

According to specialists, accounts What we do must be consistent with the level of income generated, so the best choice for Impose It has a budget.

What types of expenses are there?

Failure to properly manage our money could become a financial problem in the short term; One way to avoid this type of situation is to know the types accounts which exist because some of them we might unconsciously perform without realizing it. Want to know what it is? We explain to you.

  • Poorly planned fixed expenses: These are the ones that are made mandatory from time to time; They usually have a monthly frequency and do not vary much in terms of the amount to be paid. Although these accounts They are necessary, the problem is that they may have different costs than your income level.
  • Excess variable expenses: This type accounts This is usually not a fixed amount as it will depend on the consumption of the products or services used; The problem with those, however, is that a large part of the budget is used to cover them, and it is also difficult to calculate. An example would be a credit card payment.
  • Emergency expenses: It is these that usually damage our finances the most, because financial expenses tend to be high, so it is recommended to have a fund for these situations. Examples are doctor visits or car repairs.
  • Ant Expenditure: It is one of accounts The most common ones that exist, because they are the little things that we buy every day, which at the end of the month will become a big burden on our wallet. An example is the coffee of the day, tastes or some other whim.
  • Flexible Spending: They are those which cannot be avoided, though the amount may be decided; of this type accounts If there is no fixed amount, it can hurt the finances. An example is someone’s birthday present.

According to experts on the subject, this is important accounts They go according to our purchasing power, according to salary.

Recommendation to start saving and not get money

What can I do to control my spending?

One of the biggest mistakes Mexicans make is not thinking about this type accountsso an important step to be able to consider them is to create a budget, because in it we can describe in detail all our income and expenses.

Budgeting works as a way to have better control over our finances, which makes it easier to save money and also helps us meet our financial goals.

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