At Renault, an electric car is cheaper than an internet subscription

The “My Electric Lease” contract has apparently prompted a reaction from French manufacturers, who have already been in the game since yesterday’s official publication of the list of eligible vehicles by the Ministry of Finance. Renault and Stellantis have already launched their low-rent electric vehicle offerings. We also mentioned the case of Citroën, which is hitting hard with e-C3 for 54 EUR/month in the most affordable offer and Renault goes even further with a future pensioner who sells her services through social leasing.

Twingo for the price of an internet package

Renault is not communicating pricing at this time Kangoo E-Tech which would probably fit this device. The diamond that makes the dividers offers only two models: Twingo E-Tech AND Mégane E-Tech. The former is of course much cheaper than the latter and this is reflected in the rents. The Twingo is available from €40 per month, including maintenance, 24/7 assistance and warranty.

The same composition of the contract for the Mégane, which is of course much more expensive because the rent is €150/month for the EV40 Equilibre version, an entry-level French compact. Remember that the decree, published this morning in the Official Journal, sets a limit of €150 per month for social leasing offers that will allow the most modest French to access electric vehicles without having to pay an initial contribution, which is often substantial.

So there is likely to be a match between the Citroën e-C3 and the Renault Twingo E-Tech, which will be available at unbeatable rental prices. There should be no more surprises in the coming weeks, as the list of models suitable for social leasing is already more or less known. And the cheapest on this list are the E-C3 and Twingo….

“Gas station” calculation.

The state supports support of €13,000… or less. The calculation is indeed very complicated: the maximum state aid will be the smallest amount between EUR 13,000, from which the debt bonus is deducted (within the limit of 27% of the vehicle price…), or an amount of €8,000 (A) and 16% of the purchase or rental price including vehicle tax (B), from which a bonus amount (C) must be withdrawn, always up to a limit of 27% of the Vehicle price. The bonus should be a maximum of €5,000 for individuals (€7,000 for low-income households who will be applicants for social leasing) and €3,000 for companies. The smaller result between A+BC or €13,000 – your bonus will therefore be the amount that will be taken into account in state support. Phew, let’s breathe!

List of electric cars eligible for bonus 2024: why do some exceed the ceiling?

Other information to consider and last but not least: the state will also help with the rental of a used vehicle. So social leasing could also apply to used vehicles! In fact we can read: “for vehicles that were previously the subject of first registration in France or abroad, the amount of aid according to I of this article is set at 5,000 euros, within a limit of 16% of the cost of the “cash purchase of a leased vehicle”. the vehicle includes all taxes, possibly increased by the cost of the battery if rented.”

Now it remains to be seen how much all this will cost the state, which will probably communicate the number of verified applications for social leasing over the course of the next year.

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