Am I too young to have health insurance?

When you’re young, the last thing on your mind is buying health insurance… My mom always told me to buy it for anything, but I didn’t listen, I thought I’d never need it.”

Edith Rodríguez, a 27-year-old graphic designer who had to undergo emergency surgery after fevers and abdominal pains admits.

I had my appendix removed and instead of focusing on my recovery, I was worried about the cost of this medical emergency because I also had no savings.”

Medical expense claims consultant Joana Diaz, known as The Insurance Doc, stresses that you’re never too young to protect yourself with medical expense insurance.

Nobody bought their health. There are many cases of young people who, after a fever, find that they have to have their appendix or gallbladder removed. Women who have to have fibroids or their uterus removed may even discover breast cancer, a disease that can cost up to three million pesos if detected in time, if not, it is much more expensive.”

According to an expert, medical expenses insurance covers most of the cost of medical treatment or intervention, plus it covers any type of accident, whether at home or on public roads, even if you are mugged.

In addition, when an accident occurs, most insurers do not charge a deductible.’

The insurance doctor acknowledges that not all young people have enough income to buy medical expenses insurance, but believes that there are those who could access it if they gave up their annual mobile phone replacement, cut down on going out with friends or made edits. light in your expenses. “With the cost of a daily mermaid brand coffee, you would have access to a policy of this type.”

The average investment in health insurance for a person in their 20s is 14 thousand pesos per year, but this amount can be lower or higher depending on coverage, deductibles and the scope of hospitals.

Diaz assures that insurance agents have the ability to custom-make suits so everyone can be protected.

There are even health micro-insurances, designed specifically for people with low incomes, that offer compensation for the card, for example, in the case of appendicitis, it grants 60 thousand pesos.

In this case, people can access private medical care for that amount and continue, if they need it, with public services.”

In this sense, the Deputy Minister of Finance and Public Credit, Gabriel Yorio, said at the last convention of insurers of the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions (AMIS), that private insurance can be considered an effective tool to alleviate social inequality. private insurance must play a complementary role in state social security plans.

According to AMIS, 12.7 million Mexicans are covered by major medical expenses insurance.

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