All the new cars that Volvo plans to sell in 2024

Below is a list of all the new cars that Volvo will sell in 2024, their basic technical features and their starting prices. The product range includes sedans and SUVs, mainly with internal combustion, plug-in hybrid and pure electric engines.

Volvo has a complete line of vehicles that includes a total of 12 different cars, including all models and their respective body variants. In this way, the Swedish company tries to respond to the various needs of the premium market with an offer made up of SUV and especially sedans of various sizes, styles and segments.

In this article we will look at the review all the new cars that Volvo plans to sell in 2024know its main technical features and prices. In addition, the Nordic manufacturer has an electrified product range that includes everything from micro-hybrid engines to plug-in hybrids and electric cars cigars.

All the new cars that Volvo plans to sell in 2024

Volvo C40

He Volvo C40 It is a compact crossover measuring 4.44 meters in length with almost 450 liters of luggage space and a range of engines consisting of only electric drives. There are several versions with one or two engines, front or four-wheel drive, power between 238 HP and 408 HP and two battery options (69 and 82 kWh) that provide a range of up to 581 kilometers.

Price from 50,180 euros

Volvo EX30

He Volvo EX30 It is one of the new additions to the range of the Swedish manufacturer. It is another electric crossover, although this time from B with a length of 4.23 meters and a trunk of 325 liters. It is also available with one or two engines, with front or all-wheel drive, with power between 272 and 428 HP, 51 kWh and 69 kWh batteries and a range of up to 475 kilometers per charge.

Price from 36,770 euros

Volvo EX90

The top of the electric range is a novelty Volvo EX90, an electric SUV measuring 5.03 meters in length with almost 700 liters of luggage space. It is available with two power levels (408 and 517 hp), four-wheel drive and a 111 kWh battery that gives it up to 580 kilometers of autonomy. In addition, it is equipped with the latest technology, making it the most advanced Volvo model.

Price from 83,127 euros

Volvo S60/V60

The Volvo S60 and the V60 are sedans and family sedans in the D segment (also available in the Cross Country version), which measure 4.76 meters in length and have a trunk volume of up to 530 liters. It is available with petrol engines and diesel microhybrids as well as two plug-in hybrid variants with up to 455 HP and 95 kilometers of autonomy.

Price from 49,150 euros

Volvo S90/V90

The Volvo S90 and the V90 are the same as the S60/V60, but in the E segment. So they measure 4.96 meters in length and have a trunk volume of up to 560 liters, plus micro-hybrid diesel and gasoline engines and a 350 plug-in hybrid CV with up to 87 kilometers of autonomy in electric mode and the Zero ecological label from DGT.

Price from 60,750 euros

Volvo XC40

The brand’s SUV line has a basic model, the so-called Volvo XC40. This 4.42 meter long compact SUV has a boot capacity of up to 450 liters and is available with both micro-hybrid petrol engines and pure electric versions with an approved range of up to 572 kilometres.

Price from 39,450 euros

Volvo XC60

The same thing happens with Volvo XC60D-segment SUV with a body that measures 4.68 meters and is available both in micro-hybrid versions of gasoline or other diesel engines, and in two plug-in hybrids with a power of up to 455 HP, which approve 83 kilometers of autonomy. in electric mode.

Price from 57,250 euros

Volvo XC90

We conclude the list of new cars that Volvo is going to sell in 2024 Volvo XC90. It is the largest combustion SUV in the range, measuring 4.95 meters in length and with a trunk volume of 640 liters. It is offered with a 235 hp micro-hybrid diesel engine or a 455 hp plug-in hybrid version with an autonomy of up to 73 kilometers in electric mode.

Price from 79,150 euros

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