Aid and subsidies under the MOVES III plan in the Balearic Islands

Currently, if you are thinking about buying a plug-in hybrid car or an electric car, take advantage of the help The MOVES III plan It represents a significant discount from the final rate. These are aid and subsidies from the MOVES III plan that you can get in the Balearic Islands.

MOVES III plan in the Balearic Islands

The Ministry of Ecological Transformation and Demographic Challenge (MITECO) has granted the Autonomous Community of the Balearic Islands an initial allocation of 9,875,856 euros under the MOVES III plan.

When this amount was exhausted, an extension was approved in April 2022 that added another €8,400,000. A total of 18,275,856 euros was provided in this way.

Which vehicles can benefit from the MOVES III plan in the Balearic Islands?

As in the rest of the country, the funds of the program are intended for the purchase of vehicles with a high level of electrification, i.e. plug-in hybrid cars, electric cars and hydrogen fuel cell cars.

How much help can each person get?

The plug-in hybrid cars with an electric range between 30 and 90 kilometers can receive 2,500 euros, which will increase to 5,000 euros if an old car (older than seven years) is scrapped. If they exceed 90 kilometers of autonomy, they will get the same as electric ones.

The electric cars which have more than 90 kilometers of autonomy have help from 4,500 euros, which will increase to 7,000 euros in case of scrapping.

The situation in hydrogen cars is identical to: 4,500 euros without scrapping fee and 7,000 euros with scrapping fee.

Finally, electric commercial vehicles that exceed 30 kilometers of autonomy receive more support, between 7,000 and 9,000 euros, depending on whether the old car is scrapped or not.

What is the maximum price a car can have for the MOVES III plan?

Again, it depends on the type of motorization they use. Plug-in hybrids (regardless of their range) and electric cars must have a maximum price 45,000 euros without VAT to be entitled to support, that is, some Retail price 54,450 euros.

On the other hand, fuel cell cars do not have a maximum price limit, which makes sense as the only two cars sold in Spain, both Toyota Mirai As Hyundai Nexoexceed the above amounts, so that if there were a limitation, no one would be able to benefit from them.

Where can you apply and when will support be available?

The application can be submitted to Directorate-General for Energy and Climate Change. GOIB. The period in which they will be available is until July 31, 2024 or until sold out.

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