A complete guide to choosing the best private health insurance

The private health insurance sector in Spain is experiencing a record moment with 10.3 million insured in 2022 and an annual growth rate of 3.95% in the period 2017-2022, the report states. Private healthcare delivering value 2023, from the Institute for Health Development and Integration.

To these figures are added 1.73 million insured persons of mutual insurance, which means that the total number of health contracts for a total number of more than 12 million Spaniards. In 2022, private insurance billed 10,001 million euros, which corresponds to an increase of 5.18% compared to the above period.

Private centers already carry out 28 to 42% of the hospital activities of the National Health System, which greatly contributes to the workload of the public health system, as privately insured persons have double insurance (public and private). ) do not consume, or to do so only partially, funds from the public system. What is the reason for this truth boom?

When and where it fits

When arranging private health insurance, one of the factors that citizens rate as very important is time flexibility. Lack of time is a common problem, and going to the doctor at a time that is most convenient for the insured is an added value.

Divina Seguros’ various programs facilitate compatibility between work and personal life, avoiding a large part of absences at work or school due to a visit to a doctor who does not require attendance. Another big advantage is that they avoid waiting lists because they manage appointments without much delay.

The best coverage, at the best price

The savings associated with insurance compared to private health care are undoubtedly very high. Therefore, before taking out health insurance, it is mandatory to compare the various options and choose the one that best matches the coverage and economic offer.

Divina Seguros complete health insurance offers access to the best clinics, dental insurance, surgical procedures, reimbursement of extraordinary events abroad up to 15,000 euros and reimbursement of up to 75% of expenses in gynecology, dermatology and pediatrics for doctors outside the scope of the doctor’s insurance.

It also includes telemedicine services, food intolerance testing, non-invasive prenatal genetic testing and physiotherapy, podiatry, speech therapy and psychological sessions, among others. Now thank you too at the “More health for a lower price” event.offers three months free when signing a Salud Completo contract until February 28, 2024.

Health insurance is another expense in the family’s monthly budget, but its benefits far outweigh the expenses.

What other benefits can you expect from health insurance?

Quality medical care and availability of diagnostic tests. A Divina Seguros client has access to an extensive medical list that covers a wide range of health services, from visits to the family doctor to more specialized treatments and operations. Furthermore, in case of hospitalization, you will have a private room with a bed for an escort, so you will only have to worry about the most important thing, your recovery. Depending on the insurance taken out, additional coverage such as speech therapy, physiotherapy, psychology or dental insurance will be available, among others.

Savings, telemedicine…

Health insurance is another expense in the family’s monthly budget, but its benefits far outweigh the expenses. Each insured person can choose between different modalities and benefits depending on their budget, personal or family situation, etc.

And the self-employed person will have tax benefits. Health insurance also protects against unexpected expenses that may arise in the event of a medical emergency while traveling, and since medical assistance abroad can reach very high values, crossing the border with the peace of mind of coverage is very important, whether you are trying to enjoy a worry-free relaxing trip, as if you were traveling on business.

A good insurance company will allow you to freely decide on the center and experts you want to consult with.

In turn, the telemedicine service saves time and money by avoiding travel and, in addition, facilitates access to medicine in those areas where there are no centers or certain specialties close enough. The use of online consultations reduces the congestion of waiting lists for consultations and urgent cases, and also allows the personal medical history to be available at any time.

This is a modality in constant growth, and in addition to primary medicine or services for issuing electronic prescriptions and prescribing medical tests, consultations are now available in this format with specialists such as dermatologists, cardiologists, pediatricians or gynecologists; nutrition or physical well-being.

Prevention is key

Every day, the belief is growing in society that prevention is key and that by improving lifestyle habits we prevent future diseases. A good company will allow you to use preventive medicine and be completely free to decide on the medical center and specialists you want to consult. Complete health insurance from Divina Seguros makes all this possible… under the best conditions.

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