9 Signs Your Work Is Harming Your Mental Health

A work culture that damages employees’ mental health is the number one reason someone quits.

According to “Brelieve According to Perform’, a specialist employment consultancy based in London, toxic workplace attitudes such as expecting employees to be available at any time of the day, a culture of accountability and micromanagement are serious mental health detriments.

If you too recognize the following toxic symptoms, then it’s time to think about whether it’s worth staying in the job you’re doing, or it would make more sense to start looking for a new one that offers you a better atmosphere.

9 Signs You Work at a Company with an Unhealthy Work Culture:


Employees do not feel safe or confident to express how they feel or think about any issue.


Employees live in fear of being stigmatized in the workplace, feeling shame and despair.

Lack of value

A lack of value is when employees feel like they have absolutely no value, like they don’t belong.

Adverse conditions

Working conditions are actually challenging and adverse, but they are treated as a means of building resilience.


Employees are ignored, belittled and ostracized by colleagues or superiors.

Mental health is not taken seriously

On the contrary, he is mentioned as important only in words, but actions show something completely opposite.


The only thing that matters is the results. Of course, it is necessary for the development of the company, but the point is that it should be done at all costs?


There is a prevailing climate and an implicit requirement that the employee must be available at all hours of the day.


Certain habits and behaviors in the work environment have the effect of increasing employee anxiety and stress.

Unfortunately, even today, many people are still confronted with toxic behavior, which in turn is a form of covert emotional abuse, as it slowly develops day by day and tramples on each person’s insecurities and needs.

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