10 creative ways to save money this Christmas

Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, exchanges… and all those expenses put a considerable sum in your pocket. That’s why we’re sharing a number of ideas to help you spread affection without affecting your personal finances.

Blended family

If you are shopping with a lot of people, such as groups of extended family and friends, buying a “family gift” such as a large box of chocolates, a tin of cookies or a board game can be a great way to gift a group instead of buying individual gifts.

Used gifts

Buying someone a second-hand gift used to be unthinkable, but that has changed thanks to a renewed focus on protecting the environment and reducing waste. Shopping second hand is more sustainable, saves money and you can find some treasures in all kinds of products.

Avoid buying interest-free months (MSI)

As tempting as these programs are, try to avoid them unless you plan to pay off the loan within the interest-free period. Otherwise, you’ll be charged an aggressive interest rate after the 0% phase ends, and that new couch, cell phone, or TV could end up costing you a lot more and could have a negative impact on your credit history if you miss payments. If you really need to borrow, look at cheaper options.

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Thinking about gifts that don’t need to be bought is a practical option this Christmas. Homemade gifts are perfect, bake cookies, a cake, treat your loved ones to a small meal or offer them tasks they need support with. Remember, this season is all about showing your care and love, which can be done in many different ways, not just with money or expensive gifts.

Have a themed party at home

Dinners and parties at home are sometimes overlooked, but they are often a cheaper alternative to restaurants or bars. To add a bit of festive sparkle, choose a theme to make it extra fun, preferably something recycled. The idea is to avoid buying new dresses and clothes.

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Family chocolate

Everyday things can always be turned into a festive event, baking bread is fun at any time of year, but it’s especially nice when everyone is wearing matching Christmas-themed outfits and sipping hot chocolate.

Movie at home

When everyone is gathered, why not rent a movie during the holidays? That’s cheaper than a trip to the cinema and cozier too.

Free resources on the Internet

The internet is full of tips on how to save on decorating. Pinterest and Instagram can also provide you with inspiration and links to more details.

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Special wraps

If you have kids, use their artwork to make wrapping paper and cards. Recycle old cards to make new or gift tags. Cut out the picture, then make a frame from another card and glue it to thick paper, then fold it. Use the glitter pen to write personalized messages to finish the job. After Christmas, keep the postcards they sent you for next year’s creations.

Reuse wrapping paper, boxes and bags. It doesn’t matter how small the pieces of paper are because you can glue them together to make gifts for kids that won’t notice, or make use of it by creating a quilt-like design. Old brown paper bags, maps, fabrics, and unusual packaging.

For small children, opening a gift is half the fun. Their attention span is short, so please them with lots of little things wrapped in a box, or make it a game as part of a gift.

Use natural items from outside such as pine cones and holly to add interest. Decorate pots, containers and jars and insert gifts that will then become part of the gift.

Plan ahead

This tip might not help you much this Christmas, but it could save you in 2024. Setting a budget, buying gifts months in advance, and being prepared to shop for special sales throughout the year is a great way to reduce the burden of spending at the end of the year.

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